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Help - Microbiology/Epidemiology Question? !!

Hello, I was wondering if someone could check and see if I have an okay understanding of some epidemiological principles. All help is greatly appreciated!!I have some general questions. 

1. Since we have E.Coli normally in our gut, and prevents C. difficile from colonizing, would the E.Coli be a mutualist and a commensal? I believe so. I don't think the difficile would classify as a communal or a commensal. 
2. Microbiomes - Can pathogens be part of our biomes? I am not sure - I know we have alot of bacteria, but would pathogens be considered part of the biome? And could E. Coli be part of it as well? 
Thank you for your help!!!

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Hi Angelica,
Gut microbiome is an important indicator of number of physiological functions (digestion, susceptibility to infection, allergic reactions etc.); it comes under environmental selection pressure and is being considered significant for bio-marker analysis during certain severe pathological conditions. 
Yes, gut e.coli would be part of gut microbiome.