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Use the function to answer these questions

Function- y=-3x2+8x+35
identify the axis of symmetry and the vertex
identify the maximum
find the x-intercepts by factoring
show the value of the discriminant supports your conclusion
describe the relationship of the x-intercepts to the axis of symmetry

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y= -3x^2+8x+35
  = -3(x^2-8x-35)
   = -3(x-4/3)^2+121/3
Axis of symmetry =.   x= 4/3
Maximum point =. y = 121/3
x intercepts by factoring
y =-3x^2+8x+35
applying Discriminant formula
y= (-8+- sqrt(64+420))/-6
   (-8+22)/-6     &.  (-8-22)/-6
   -7/3.  &.  5
so  x  axis intercepts.  are. -7/3. &  5
 since axis of symmetry is x= 4/3
7/3+4/3  11/3
So, this justifies the x axis intercepts.