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then meaning of " I wouldn't say it , if i didn't mean it."" I wouldnt say i love you , if i didnt mean it"

wanting to know the meaning of the sentence. 

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It is a turn of phrase or figure of speech that can be used in a number of ways to show you are serious enough about something to put it into words. Depending on the tone it can be taken as sincere, defensive, or a statement of fact (among others).
You could say "I wouldn't say I would take out the trash, if I din't mean it." or "I wouldn't say I was upset, if I didn't mean it." or even "I wouldn't say I don't like gerbils, if I didn't mean it." 
It has often been used as retaliatory in response to an opposing statement...
Speaker 1 "I don't like gerbils"
Speaker 2 "Oh, he doesn't mean that"
Speaker 1 "I wouldn't say I don't like gerbils, if I don't mean it!"
If it is important enough to be put into words, it is assumed it is a statement of fact; or at least should be according to the speaker of the statement.