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Raj P.

asked • 03/28/16

Tue Breeding Dihybrid Cross for F2 generation

5) A true breeding short tailed black eyed male was mated true breeding long tailed blue eyed female. Their offspring were taken and mated to make f2 generation.
3,000 long tailed black eyed males
1,200 long tailed blue eyed males
1,200 short tailed blue eyed males
3,000 short tailed black eyed males
10,000 short tailed blue eyed females.
Which tale length is dominant
What color is dom
What tail length is dom
What is mod of inheritance for tail length
Mode of inheritance for eye color
What is the geno and pheno for f1 female and f1 male.

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Lynn B. answered • 03/28/16

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Raj P.

How do we figure out the mode of inheritance is for the tail length and eye color?


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