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who can help me on how to write an appeal letter of the false alarm

Hello, everyone,
I recently got an assignment from my language lesson. I need to write an appeal for the false alarm.
It is said that company A got a letter from the False Alarm Reduction Program said that during this month, there are 9 false alarms in company A. Company A should pay $1550 for the false alarm. But here is one chance to appeal for that. The improper installation or maintenance by an alarm business are not reasons for the appeal. 
So can anyone help me to figure out the format and reason for the appeal?
Thank you so much!!!!

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Interesting assignment! 
If you go online, you can find samples of guidelines for making an appeal to be excused from paying a false alarm fine. Unfortunately, these samples list many reasons why a fine cannot be excused, but from your assignment it seems you need to find a reason why the fine should be excused. Fortunately, many of the samples include guidelines that tell you what kind of information you would need to include in your appeal.
The format should be a logical argument that includes all important information to make your case.
After reading the attached sample, you'll need to use your imagination to invent a reason why the fine should be excused. For example, maybe Company A is located next door to a movie theatre that shows loud films that shake the building and cause the alarm to go on. 
Here's a sample of an appeal form, but there are many more if you do a search online:
I hope this helps!