Math assistance needed please.

Ann the trainer has two solo workout plans that she offers her clients: Plan A and Plan B. Each client does either one or the other (not both). On Monday there were 3 clients who did Plan A and 5... more


 What is the probability of eating pizza for dinner given that they buy a new car?

The probability of eating pizza for dinner is 34% and the probability of buying a new car is 15%. The probability of buying a new car given that you eat pizza for dinner is 42%. What is the... more

Part-Time Job in the summer for an ice cream store [Assignment]

You have a part time job for an ice cream job.week 1: 20 hours workedweek 2: 15.5 hours workedweek 3: 17 hours workedweek 4: 22.5 hours workedYou earn d dollars per hour. Write and simplify an... more


Probability of First Two

A sample of 48 people who recently hired an attorney yielded the following information about their attorneys. Number of People Would You Recommend Your Attorney to... more


I am struggling with my Systems of Equations

Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve using any method, and fill in the blanks.The box office at a theater is selling tickets for a series of rock concerts. So far,... more


Finding Percents

At the beginning of the school year, Anderson Middle School had 480 students. At the end of the year, it had 504 students. What is the percent of change in the enrollment?


A landscaping company sells two types of grass a premium that sells for $1.25 per pound and standard mix for 0.95 per pound

If the store manager dumps a 20-Ib bag of each mix into a large barrel what is the total value of the grass see in the barrel?At what price per pound should the company sell this new mix to produce... more


What is the domain if the range is {-4,-2,0}?



arithmetic series

find the sum of the first 10 terms: 40, 37, 34, 31

Between 2000 and​ 2005, the number of skateboarders s in the United​ States, in​ millions, can be approximated by the equation s=0.33t^2+2.27t+3.96 where t represents the number of years since 2000.

If this model is​ accurate, in what year did 9.8 million people​ skateboard? Round to the nearest whole number.


Word problems w/ substitution/elimination

Brittany and Hanna can paddle 12 mi upstream in the same time it takes to paddle 28 mi downstream. Determine their paddling rate in still water if the stream flows at 2 mi/hr. a jetliner can travel... more


What would be the car's speed in miles per hour if its wheels are turning at 800 rpm?

The wheel (including the tire) of the sports car has an 11-inch radius.


Interest Formula

Find the present value of $10,000 if interest is paid at a rate of 6% per year, compounded weekly, for 4 years. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

A student planning her curriculum.. must select 1 of 5 business courses, 1 of 5 math courses, 2 of 12 elective courses, and either 1 of 4 history courses or one of five social science courses.

A student planning her curriculum for the upcoming year must select one of five business courses, one of five mathematics courses, two of twelve elective courses, and either one of four history... more

I cant solve this

You need 595 mL of a 60% alcohol solution. On hand, you have a 85% alcohol mixture. How much of the 85% alcohol mixture and pure water will you need to obtain the desired solution?

Math problem i have no clue how to solve

Juan needs to mix a 20% saline solution with a 40% saline solution to create 200 millileters of a 33% solution. How many millileters of each solution must Juan use?

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