General Chemistry Homework Question

Suppose that 4535.0 J of heat energy is added to 9 g of ice initially at -8 C. (This could be done, for example, by electrical heating of ice in an insulated container.) What is the final... more


A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 60 feet. When you start at the top of the Ferris wheel, you are 62 feet from the ground. The Ferris wheel completes one rotation in 2 minutes.

A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 60 feet. When you start at the top of the Ferris wheel, you are 62 feet from the ground. The Ferris wheel completes one rotation in 2 minutes. 1. Create a graph... more


Meaning of '6800K' on fluorescent lamps?


Communicate mathematical ideas

Why might you want to use the commutative property to change the order of the integers in the following sum before adding.

college algebra question! Please help

The length of time it takes a pendulum to make one complete swing and return to its startingposition varies directly as the square root of the pendulum’s length. A pendulum that is 32.5cm long... more


Decay Rate for decomposing bacteria-word problem

The rate that a chemical decomposes is increasing 1.9 percent continuously. What's the actual hourly percent increase?I feel like these questions are too vague, is there a formula I can use that... more


Explain why the condition “F is any antiderivative of f on [a, b]” from the Evaluation Theorem is fulfilled by this scenario

You are tracking the velocity and position of a rocket-propelled object near the surface of Mars. The velocity is v(t) and the position is s(t), where t is measured in seconds, s in meters, and v... more

Physics-Work, Energy and Power

The time it takes a car to race from rest through a distance d depends primarily on the engine’s power P.Assuming the power is constant, derive the time in terms of d and P.I have followed... more


Will they have to install a rest platform on their ramp?       

The city of Odessa, Texas is building a wheelchair ramp to make their courthouse accessible for persons in a wheel chair. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that a wheelchair ramp... more


Mensa Age Problem

If Tim's age plus Cheryl's age is 80 and Tim's age plus Greg's age is 98 and Cheryl's age plus Greg's age is 94. What are their ages.

Difference between Lindlar and Rosenmund catalysts?

Is there any difference between the Lindlar and Rosenmund catalysts? I've checked around, and it seems the same compounds are used to make both. Is there a difference in their reactivities or are... more

Are the Maxwell's equations enough to derive the law of Coulomb?

Are the 8 Maxwell's equations enough to derive the formula for the electromagnetic field created by a stationary point charge, which is the same as the [law of... more

During the development of aspartame, why was the methyl ester chosen?

One frequent argument against the safety of the synthetic sweetener aspartame is that it can be hydrolyzed, with one of the hydrolysis products being methanol, which is known to be toxic. Of... more


chemistry that's eluding me

If a 3.6 moles of an ideal gas occupies 150 mL tank at a temperature of -5 °C, what is the pressure inside the tank?


How can tangential acceleration from a radial force be explained?

A mass is attached to a rope, and put into a circular motion. If I pull the string from the center, the tangential speed of the mass will increase (by conservation of angular momentum). I am... more


chemistryyy help

A marine biologist is preparing a deep-sea submersible for a dive. The sub stores breathing air under high pressure in a spherical air tank that measures85.0cm wide.The biologist estimates she will... more

Calculating electric motor's weight lifting ability knowing power. What else do I need to know?

So, my company works with electric motors, and my boss wanted me to calculate how much weight could be lifted by a motor rated at 750W. I know that I can't just calculate the work done by it... more


I need help with creating a sensible response to the question below.

Part 1, My Hypothesis: Based on scientific study, we can asume that the universe is full of life foms in one state or another. The question is, how similar are these forms to you and me? Is the... more


Does a large piece of copper have a larger density than a smaller piece of copper, or are the densities the same?

i dont khow this answer someone help me


Conservation of Energy 4

A roller coaster begins at rest at the top of a 40 m hill. Find the velocity at a point 5 m above the bottom of the hill.

Water on Mars and Earth?

If water on Earth came from meteorites, why doesn't Mars have substantial water? What made it more highly probable on Earth than on Mars?

Why concentrated sulfuric acid for dehydration and dilute for hydration?

To dehydrate ethanol one uses concentrated sulfuric acid: $$\\ce{C2H5OH ->[\ ext{conc.} H2SO4] C2H4 + H2O}$$ but to go in the reverse direction, dilute sulfuric acid is used: $$\\ce{C2H4 +... more

Calculus Velocity

The position of an object moving along a line is given by the function s(t)=−14t2+140t. Find the average velocity of the object over the following intervals.​(a)​ [1, 55​]​(b) ​[1, 44​]​(c)​ [1,... more


colligative properties

calculate the freezing point of solution perpared by dissolving 4.5g of gulcose ( m.mass = 180g per mol) in 250 g of bromo form . Given freezing point of bromo form = 7.8°C and Kf for bromo form =... more

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