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Difference between Lindlar and Rosenmund catalysts?

Is there any difference between the Lindlar and Rosenmund catalysts? I've checked around, and it seems the same compounds are used to make both. Is there a difference in their reactivities or are... more


How many hydride ions are available in NaBH4?

Different sources have different answers. In the reduction of an aldehyde or ketone to an alcohol by Sodium Borohydride, how many moles of aldehyde are reduced by one mole of Sodium... more

Why do BH3 and NaBH4 have different selectivities?

I've always known borane ($\\ce{BH3}$), as a reagent for alkene hydroboration. Recently in class we talked about its use in the reduction of carboxylic acids to alcohols as well. Now obviously... more


Difference in the functioning of alkaline and acidified KMnO4?

What is the difference in the functioning of alkaline and acidified $\\ce{KMnO4}$ as a reagent in organic chemistry? E.g., in the oxidation of a primary alcohol to carboxylic acid, we use... more


Why are optically active compounds abundant in nature?

Enantiomers have most physical properties exactly same, which makes them hard to seperate from one another. Due to large amounts of physical similarities and chemical similarities (when dealing... more


Which of the following metals when reacting with 1.0 M Zn2+ at 25°C will produce the greatest voltage? Select one: A. Mg B. Pb C. Al D. Ag

Which of the following metals when reacting with 1.0 M Zn2+ at 25°C will produce the greatest voltage?Select one:A. MgB. PbC. AlD. Ag

Redox titration question? Determine the molarity of a solution? PLEASE HELP!!

Q1. Iron is often used to standardize permanganate solutions. A 0.158 g sample of pure iron wire was dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid to form a solution of iron (II) sulfate. This was titrated... more

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