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Visual Basic String Basic Generator


Generate random numeric & alphabetic?

I'm making a random hexadecimal generator is it possible in visual basic to make a code that randomly generates number and letters together? How would you do it? I'm really lost. I'd like to... more
Visual Basic String Basic Random


Choose For Random Strings In Commodore 64 BASIC?

I have this variable declarations on my program: X="MAGENTA" Y="CYAN" Z="TAN" A="KHAKI" Now what I want is to randomly choose one of these and `PRINT` it. But how to do this?
Visual Basic Basic File Io


Creating file with QB64?

With the following DIM a AS INTEGER a = 10 OPEN "myFile" FOR BINARY AS #1 PUT #1, 1, a CLOSE #1 I get a file (myFile) with two bytes (using QB64). The first byte is indeed `0A`, but... more
Visual Basic Basic


BASIC programming language getting variable?

On MSX BASIC 2.1, I get this error when compiling my basic code. 10 Input "Your name", U$ run Syntax Error OK Why is this syntax incorrect?
Visual Basic Basic Kernel


Basic- kernel written in basic?

I have read somewhere that higher level languages are not better to create kernels, So my question is, Can we make Kernel in Basic, the simplest language?
Visual Basic Basic Vb.net


Custom hand cursor in Visual Basic?

I am working on a my app and I managed to change the normal mouse cursor very easy using this code: Dim cur As Icon cur = (My.Resources.NewCursor) Me.Cursor = New Cursor(cur.Handle)` Now... more
Visual Basic Label Basic Vb.net


Clearing number in a Label on Text Box Change?

Just have a simple question. I have a program and in it I have a label that displays results once you calculate them, and I want the label to clear once you change the text in the input boxes.... more
Visual Basic Basic Vb.net Winforms


Auto Find and display objects when input keywords in VB?

I'm a newbie in VB form programming. I got a task today, it seems so hard for me. basically, I have 2 forms named: Form1 and Form2. Form1 use for management info of students such as: student's... more
Visual Basic Basic


BBC basic variables?

Background info for the problem: I am writing a text adventure game where the player has multiple paths to choose at each intersection/ problem. Problem: I am attempting to use a variable from... more
Visual Basic Basic File Io Oscilloscope


CreateTextFile Method is basic fails to create file at specified path?

I am using BASIC for the first time to automate a LeCroy Oscilloscope. Following examples provided by them I am attempting to create a program which uses the oscilloscope features and prints... more
Visual Basic Basic Code Translation


Comma at the end of True Basic if statement?

I've been working on translating a simulation written in True Basic to C, and eventually into CUDA. Considering I have never worked with True Basic, let alone basic, everything has been going... more
Visual Basic Excel Basic Vba


Deleting Two Columns Simultaneously?

The following code deletes Column J only: If Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range("J:J").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)) _ =... more
Visual Basic Basic Qbasic


How to declare a constant in BASIC?

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble figuring out how to do some things, because Google is clogged with tutorials of “programming basics” and Visual Basic. So I have to ask: in old-skool BASIC, I... more
Visual Basic C Basic Calculator


Casio Calculator Programming?

I am planning to buy a CASIO FX-9860GII for school, but I am really interested in programming for it. I looked everywhere on the internet but could not find anything. Is it possible to create... more
Visual Basic Javascript Basic Qbasic


How Could One Write This Basic PAINT Statement in JavaScript?

In BASIC there is a command called PAINT that looks like this: PAINT (column, row), color, color-stop It takes x/y coordinates as a starting place and begins filling it and the surrounding... more
Visual Basic Basic Gw Basic


Syntax error message with GW-BASIC?

I am currently stymied by the following error message from GW-BASIC: Syntax error in 450 Ok 450 STEP=0 Here is the context: 400 ON KEY(13) GOSUB 590 ' right arrow key makes direction... more
Visual Basic


Luis has $75,jim has $18,and marie has $12 more than luis and jim together.find the total amount of money the three have together

mary has $34, jane has $15, and helen has $27 more than mary and jane together.find the total amount of money the three girls have together
Visual Basic Basic Vb.net Vb6


How to use .c file in Visual Basic project?

I need to convert C code to Visual Basic. I have **.c** and **.h** files. Are there some ways to use my **.c** file in Visual Basic Application? Application was created in Visual Basic 6.0. Now... more
Visual Basic Basic Date Vb.net


Trying to fill textbox value with today's date only on visual basics?

I am trying to fill a textbox value with the current date and I do not want the user to be able to change the date. I want to use a textbox and not a datepicker. I would like the form to load with... more
Visual Basic


Please kindly help for this problem

In a mathematics test, there were 20 problems.Each correct answer earned 5 points, and 2 points were deducted for each incorrect answer. No points were added or deducted if a problem was not... more
Visual Basic Basic If Statement


Can I use the OR operator or AND operator between two if..else statement?

Can/Should I use the OR operator or AND operator between two if..else statement? If [statement] end if OR If [statement] end if
Visual Basic Basic Vb6


Mixing numbered and unnumbered lines in VB6?

I remember being a kid in the 1980s and numbering lines in BASIC because you had to. Nowadays, as far as I knew, numbered lines were 100% out; no one wants or needs to use them. That's until I... more
Visual Basic Basic Language Design


BASIC, how lines were stored in memory?

As I understand BASIC had line numbers because at the time you had to use a line editor to input your program. It allowed you to do something like this: 20 END 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD" This... more
Visual Basic Basic Qbasic If Statement


Why do we use "End If" statement?

Why do we write `END IF` statement in this program? Without writing it, we can easily get our result. Is there any example through which you can explain me the use of `END IF` statement? I have... more
Visual Basic Visual Studio Basic Boolean


Click a button and the button would be unable to be clicked until reset?

Is there a way I could be able to click a Button and then once the button has been clicked it would be Unable to be clicked until the Form reset itself. Say... Enabling Auto-Save and can't be... more

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