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Visual Basic Basic Language Design Vb6


What does DIM stand for in Visual Basic and BASIC?

What does DIM stand for in Visual Basic?
Visual Basic Basic Compiler Errors


What am I doing wrong so confused?

I am making a program in BASIC and I know its really bad and I can fix a lot of things but all I was wondering is why I am getting errors for ending subs? ' simple calculator declare sub... more
Visual Basic Basic Data Structures


Assigning CSV values to structure?

I'm creating what should be a simple program but I'm having some difficulty assigning values from a file into a structure and it's variables. Visual Basic. Structure: Public Structure Teams ... more
Visual Basic


How to use Randomize to choose from array list?

I am trying to randomly generate, based off of the 3 array list, 3 different positions the picturebox (stickimage) will appear. My code so far: Private Sub GenerateObjects() Dim... more
Visual Basic


What are the difference between a BASIC GOTO and GOSUB statement?

What are the difference between a GOTO and a GOSUB statements in BASIC programming language?
Visual Basic Database String Basic


Why does "Conversion from string "ID" to type integer is not valid" show on my program?

I'm trying to display my database on textboxes, with the help of the combobox for the ID. However, whenever I run my program, the error **"Conversion from string "ID" to type integer is not... more
Visual Basic


Change output of textbox based on button clicked Visual Basic?

Hi everyone I am new to visual basic and am making my first program from a book I just bought and would like to change the output of my textbox based on the button I click for example if button1 is... more


What is a syntax error in Visual Basic?

Visual Basic Html Microsoft Word


Transform linked images to embedded images?

I have imported a HTML report into word by opening it (open `index.html` in Word) and copy / paste the result as an annex into my Doc.It worked fine, except that all the images (200 of them) are... more


If Statements (CS) Visual Basic

1.  intX = 129 intY = 200 intCount = 1   If (intX > 120 And intY < 30) Then intCount = intCount + 1 Else intCount = -1 End If   intCount = ?????   Can someone please explain this... more
Visual Basic Sql Php Php Query


visual basic: get php Query from text box

How can I get url Query from text box and put it line by line in richtextbox. exemple:I want to get query from textbox1.text :http://www.mywebsite.com/test.php?id=4&url=3&bakgroundid=951and... more

Help writing this program homework

Presidential Eligibility Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States, states that "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the... more

Using Visual Basic write Program

Cost of Flash Drives: A Company sells 8 GB flash drives for $3.300 each and 16 GB flash drives for $5.20 each. However, large-quantity orders of flash drives of the same type receive discounts.... more

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