Asked • 07/27/19

How to Convince Programming Team to Let Go of Old Ways?

This is more of a business-oriented programming question that I can't seem to figure out how to resolve. I work with a team of programmers who have been working with BASIC for over 20 years. I was brought in to help write the same software in .NET, only with updates and modern practices. The problem is that I can't seem to get any of the other 3 team members(all BASIC programmers, though one does .NET now as well) to understand how to correctly do a relational database. Here's the thing they won't understand: We basically have a transaction that keeps track of a customer's tag information. We need to be able to track current transactions and past transactions. In the old system, a flat-file database was used that had one table that contained records with the basic current transaction of the customer, and another transaction that contained all the previous transactions of the customer along with important money information. To prevent redundancy, they would overwrite the current transaction with the history transactions-(the history file was updated first, then the current one.) It's totally unneccessary since you only need one transaction table, but my supervisor or any of my other two co-workers can't seem to understand this. How exactly can I convince them to see the light so that we won't have to do ridiculous amounts of work and end up hitting the datatabse too many times? Thanks for the input!

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Patrick B. answered • 07/29/19

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