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Simplify the Boolean function

Simplify the Boolean function F (w,x,y,z)=Σ(2,4,7,10,12)together with its don't-care conditions d(w,x,y,z)=Σ(0,6,8) and express the simplified function in SOP form. Do not include spaces between... more
Boolean Logic


How do I determine if *exactly* one boolean is true, without type conversion?

Given an arbitrary list of booleans, what is the most elegant way of determining that *exactly* one of them is true? The most obvious hack is type conversion: converting them to `0` for `false`... more


XOR of three values?

What is the simplest way to do a three-way exclusive OR? In other words, I have three values, and I want a statement that evaluates to true IFF only *one* of the three values is true. So far,... more


What is the Objective-C way of getting a nullable bool?

How should I go about getting a bool value that I can assign true, false and nil to in Objective-C? What is the Objective-C way of doing this? Much like C#'s Nullable<bool>. I'm looking to... more
Boolean Logic C# Asp.net


Check severeal boolean returns in same time?

I have several bool elements and I am checking it if returns me false. bool i = false; switch (idcount) { case 1: i = p1(); break; case 2: i = p1() & p2(); break; case 3: i = p1() &... more
Boolean Logic Php String


How to parse a string of boolean logic in PHP?

I'm building a PHP class with a private member function that returns a string value such as: 'true && true || false' to a public member function. (This string is the result of some regex... more
Boolean Math Logic Xor


What does Exclusive in XOR really mean?

Maybe this is just obvious to everyone but can someone explain where XOR (or Exclusive-OR) got its name from? What does the word ***Exclusive*** really mean? Not that it matters, but its just stuck... more


Click a button and the button would be unable to be clicked until reset?

Is there a way I could be able to click a Button and then once the button has been clicked it would be Unable to be clicked until the Form reset itself. Say... Enabling Auto-Save and can't be... more


In Java, what are the boolean "order of operations"?

Let's take a simple example of an object `Cat`. I want to be sure the "not null" `cat` is either orange or grey. if(cat != null && cat.getColor() == "orange" || cat.getColor() == "grey")... more


How to use Boolean datatype in SAS?

In many mainstream programming languages you can use Boolean data-type (for instance, value can be either `true` or `false`) - to represent binary "true/false". Is there a Boolean data-type in SAS... more

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