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Mechanics question (Vectors)

I'm really confused as to what I'm supposed to do here can someone please explain...The question is:The horizontal unit vectors i and j are in the directions east and north respectively.A model... more
Vectors Calculus



A block slides 42 m down a ramp that makes an angle of 60 degrees with the ground. Determine the mass of the block if 10 400 J of work was done. (Assume 1 kg exerts a force of 9.8 N).
Vectors Physics


What are the components of the vector 73.8 W41 degrees north


What is an orthogonal vector to (4, 2)?

Vectors Calculus


Two canoeists are paddling a canoe. Vector analysis

Two canoeists are paddling on opposite sides of a canoe. One extends her arms out so that the force of 15lbs she exerts is directed backwards at an angle of 22 degrees with the canoe. The other... more
Vectors Math Calculus


Calculate ground speed of plane.

A plane is heading due west: its nose points towards the west direction, but its trajectory on the ground deviates from the west direction due to a sideways component of the wind. The plane is also... more


What is vector division?

My question is: We have addition, subtraction and muliplication of vectors. Why cannot we define vector division? What is division of vectors?
Vectors Math Physics


Vectors/Physics- Boat Crossing River

The current in a straight river is flowing so that if a motorboat travels upstream at an angle of 20 degrees with a velocity of 15km/hr, it will land at a spot on the opposite shore directly... more
Vectors Calculus


When subtracting vectors in a problem, how do you know which one to subtract from the other?

So in problems where you have to find the equation of a plane based on a coordinate point in the plane (6, 0, -2) that contains the line x=4-2t y=3+5t z=7+4t, you have to turn the parametric... more


Is possible to add two vectors of unequal magnitudes and get zero?


A plane flies 1200 km in 2.5 hours. What is the average speed of the flight?

The answer choices are A) 480 km/hr B) 300 km/hrC) 1200 km/hrD) 200 km/hr


C-(-4,2,4). Find the distance between the point (x,y,z) and C.

I had tried the points (0,0,0)-(-4,2,4) and then use the distance formula, but that has not worked. Then I tried (1,1,1), but that also did not work. I am lost. Any help is needed.
Vectors Calculus 3


Find the length of ->OR.

(We are talking about vectors.   R = (4, 5, 5).   Then it has,   ||->OR|| = _____.   I'm not sure how you find OR if you do not have what O is. Thank you. (Arrows are supposed to be on... more
Vectors Calculus 3


Find the equation of a sphere if one of it's diameters has endpoints (-10,0,-6) and (4, 14, 8).

I have written:   (x+3)2+(y-7)2+(z-1)2-sqrt(588)/2 = 0. But it is marked incorrect.    
Vectors Calculus 3


Find an equation of the largest sphere with center (5, 3, 6) and is contained in the first octant. Be sure your formula is monic.

I had put the equation as:   (x-5)^2+(y-3)^2+(z+6)^2   However it was viewed as incorrect. Also they had that it equaled zero.   equation input = zero.


Simple(?) Vector Problem

A river flows northward with a velocity of 3 km/hr. A man rows a boat eastward with a velocity 4 km/hr relative to the water. The river is 1 km wide. a) find his speed and direction relative to... more
Vectors Law Maths


Sum of direction angles of vector [0,1,0] is?

pi/2, 0, pi or 3pi/2? Also explain plz thank you. 


Vector v has its initial point at (7, -9) and its terminal point at (-17, 4).

Vector v has its initial point at (7, -9) and its terminal point at (-17, 4). Which unit vector is in the same direction as v? 


Find the angle between the vectors A and vector B if |A+B|=|A-B|

School work
Vectors Vector


Let v be the vector (3 over p), such that |v| = 17. Calculate all possible values of p.

Let v be the vector (3 over p), such that |v| = 17. Calculate all possible values of p.   * (3 over p) - I wrote it this way because the 3 is actually positioned above the p. I need to... more


Let u and v be vectors such that u = -3i + 2j and v = ai + 5j

Let u and v be vectors such that u = -3i + 2j and v = ai + 5j, where a ∈ R.  a. Find all values of a for which u and v are perpendicular. 
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