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What is the value of t that would result in span((0, 1, −1),(1, 2, 1),(t, −1, 4))

Determine which values of t ∈ R result in span((0, 1, −1),(1, 2, 1),(t, −1, 4)) being(i) a line(ii) a planeor (iii) all of R3

Vectors and Span: True or False

(a) The inverse of a rotation matrix [R^θ] is [R^−θ].(b) If the vectors v1, v2, . . ., v3 are such that no two of these vectors are scalar multiples of each other then they must form a linearly... more


Vector Sets and Span

For each set of vectors, determine whether their span is {0}, a line, a plane, all of R2, or all of R3.A) {(0, 0), (3, 7)}B) {(1, 2),(3, 4)}C) {(0, 1, −2),(2, 1, 0),(1, 1, −1)}


Find a set of vectors

Find a set of vectors {u,v} in R4 that spans the solution set of the equations  x-y+z-3w=0 x+2y-z+3w=0   u=? v=?

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