Jesset C.

asked • 04/27/20

What Is The resultant Vector? Please help me! I need this answered today, please!

Two vectors act on a point as shown below. What is the resultant vector? (Carry 3 decimal places throughout calculations and round off to 2 decimal places at end.)

^ |

\ 7 |

\ |

30° \ |



| 3




(A) 4.00 ∠ 210.00°

(B) 3.95 ∠ 159.57°

(C) 6.08 ∠ 175.29°

(D) 7.62 ∠ 203.20°

(E) None of these

I had gotten (E) but got it wrong. Can someone please help me understand what I did wrong?

Also, this was kind of hard to do, I couldn’t find a way to ask the question. So, I “drew” what it looked like. Also, I understand if you have no idea what this is. The bold lines and v's are supposed to be arrows.

1 Expert Answer


Jesset C.

Thank you so much for answering!


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