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10 Answered Questions for the topic Vector Geometry

Vector Geometry


What is the angle between the extension of a vector and another one intersecting one with it?

Imagine 3 points (p1, p2 and p3) in 2D plane, we have the vectors starts from p1 to p2 and a second vector starts from p2 to p3 . What is the angle between the extension of the first vector and the... more
Vector Geometry Geometry


Find an example of four points that represent the vector (7,4)

Excluding the points (10,3) and (3,-1)  Please thoroughly explain the method you used
Vector Geometry Vector Calculus 3d Vectors


Are linearly dependent vectors always coplanar?

If not, when would linear dependency imply coplanarity?
Vector Geometry


Diagonal distance

an empty cardboard box of dimensions breadth = 3 m, length = 4 m, and height = 2 m. An ant and a fly are sitting at one of the 8 corners inside the box and wish to go get some food at the corner... more
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Vector Analysis Arc Length, Unit tangent, unit Normal and curvature

Let C be the curve given by the equation, R(t)= sin t i + cos t j + log sec t k     (0≤t<π/2)   Find: a.) the element of arc length, ds, along C, in terms of t. b.) the unit tangent T. c.)... more
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Trig Vector Question, What is the ground speed of the plane?

An airplane has an airspeed of 500 kilometers per hour bearing N45°E. The wind velocity is 60 kilometers per hour in the direction N30°W. Find the resultant vector representing the path of the... more
Vector Geometry Vector Vector Calculus


How do you add 2D vectors a+b with the component method?

How do you add 2D vectors a+b if the magnitude of vector a is 10, its angle with (+) x-axis is 45 and angle with (+) y-axis is 45 ... then vector b has a magnitude of 3 angle with (+) x-axis... more
Vector Geometry Math Physics


Repeated posting: Add these vectors or subtract them? corrected a typo in the problem

  A jet plane intended to be on a velocity and course of 870 knots, 44 degrees south of west encounters wind. The flight tower shows that their actual velocity and path is 840 knots, 49 degrees... more
Vector Geometry


vector geometry

Three non zero vectors a, b, c  are related as c (vector) = 2 a (vector) and b (vector) = - 5 c (vector) . Then the angle between a (vector) and b (vector)  is        a)   0 degrees b)... more
Vector Geometry


Which vector has a magnitude to the nearest tenth of 3.6?

A.<4,-2> B.<1,3> C.<3,2> D.<4,2>

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