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Trig question

My math is online and the helper says that sin∅= y/r= (5√74)/74 = 144.5° . how do u convert that fraction into degrees.  I did try the inverse of ∅=sin-1(y/r) , but for my example that only comes... more
Trigonometric Identities



Proved LHS is RHS
Trigonometric Identities


Does tan^2(x)*sin^2(x) equal to tan^2(x) - sin^2(x).

Because if you take: tan^2(x) + 1 = sec^2(x) then tan^2(x) = sec^2(x) - 1. And if we input that into the original then sec^2(x) * sin^2(x) - sin^2(x) or tan^2(x) - sin^2(x) which seems weird
Trigonometric Identities


what is the trig identity for negative sin squared

What is the trig identity for negative sin squared
Trigonometric Identities


Prove Identity: cot(x)+1/cot(x)-1=1+tan(x)/1-tan(x)

Prove from one side to another using trig identities. 
Trigonometric Identities


Prove that (cotx+cosecx-1)/(cotx-cosecx+1)=sinx/(1-cosx)

I need this solution urgently please......
Trigonometric Identities


Sin ^4x-cos^4x=1-2cos^2x

Need help proving this identity
Trigonometric Identities


Sin2x(cot x + tan x) =2

Prove this identity. Help me please
Trigonometric Identities


(Csc x)(sec x)=2csc2x

I have to prove the identity. But need help
Trigonometric Identities


(cos x/ 1+ sin x) + (1+sin x/cos x)= 2 sec x

How would I prove this identity  
Trigonometric Identities


Sin x-sin x cos ^2 x = sin^3x

I must prove the following identity. 
Trigonometric Identities


(1/tan x) + (tan x)= (1/ sin x cos x)

I am to prove this identity to be correct. And I don't know what side to begin with...since I started with the left and made tan into sin/cos.  
Trigonometric Identities


Tan x sin x + cos x= sec x

I have to prove that the identity is correct. But not quite sure how to do so. 
Trigonometric Identities


Simplify. Sin^2?cos^2?-cos^2?

I have to simplify that particular expression. But I thought that maybe the cos would cancel. I'm not sure what to do
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from the top of a building a person spots two boats out on the lake. the angle of depression from the person to one of the boats is 48 degrees, the angle of depression from the person to the other... more
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Trigonometry Identities


Can someone walk me through simplifying sec(?)?^2 * cot(?) * cos(?) =

  I thought it'd be  (1 / cos(θ)2) * (1 / tan(θ)) * (cos(θ) / 1)   Which would get you cos(θ) / cos(θ)2 * tan(θ)   And then coming out to 1 / cos(θ) * tan(θ)   but that doesn't make sense... more
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry


let theta be an angle in quadrant II

Let theta be an angle in quadrant II such that cos(theta) = -4/7   Find the exact values of csc(theta) and tan(theta)
Trigonometric Identities


What is 1-tan^2(x)

I need to know how to simplify this expression
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry


trignometry identites questions

1.Why is it necessary to prove a trigonometric identity before using the identity?2. If the identity 1+cot x=csc x is used in the proof of another identity, for what values of x is the proof... more
Trigonometric Identities


could some one help me out?

how can I proof that( sine alpha + cos alpha) <= 1/2, using the fact that sine (- beta) and cos (-beta) = cos beta?
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Pre cal help please ! Answer asap! Thanks!

prove the following identity.   1-cosθ/sin2θ = 1/1+cosθ   thanks!
Trigonometric Identities Cosine Theta


Find the value for Cos(theta) if the following conditions hold: Cos(2theta)=1/sqrt2 and 180 degrees < 0 < 270 degrees

This is a trigonometric Identity related question.
Trigonometric Identities


trigonometric identities

i need help solving trigonometric identities
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Math Help Alegbra 2


Find the exact value of tangent for the angle in standard position with the terminal side located at A.

A) -1 B) 1  C) 0 D) undefined E) none of these
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometry Math Help Alegbra 2


Find sin theta if tan theta = sqrt3 / 3, and falls in quadrant 2

Answer choices: A) sin theta = -1/2 B) sin theta = 1/2 C) sin theta = sqrt3/2 D) sin theta = - sqrt3/2

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