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(tanθ+cotθ)^2=sec^2θ csc^2θ

Proving identities
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If sin(26)+sin(24)=Sin(A), 0<A<90, then A=____ degrees.

I know this is with the sum-to-product identity, but I need help with the steps.
Trigonometric Identities


show that 1/(1-cos x) - 1/(1+cos x)=2cosec x cot x

show that 1/(1-cos x) - 1/(1+cos x)=2cosec x cot x


Find the exact value of cos 15 degrees= sqrt(A)(sqrt(B)+1)/4...what is A and what is B?

I know how to get the answer, but for some reason, they want it in this format and I'm not sure how to do it this way.
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Prove if this is true or false 1-sinϴ • cosϴ •tanϴ=cos^2ϴ and cos^2ϴ • tanϴ= sinϴ

Its two questions Prove if this is true or false 1-sinϴ • cosϴ •tanϴ=cos^2ϴ and cos^2ϴ • tanϴ= sinϴ 
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Solve the trigonometric equation for the interval 0<x<2pi

4 sin x cos x - 2√3 sin x - 2√2 cos x +√6=0   interval 0≤x<2pi
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By definition of amplitude, in order for a function to have an amplitude the function must be...

There are 2 possible answers I can choose from. Either Bounded or Continuous
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Determine A, B and C so that the formula (cosx−5sinx)^2 = A cos2x + B sin2x + C is valid for all values on x. A, B och C are integers.

This is translated from a trigonometry problem in another language, I hope you understand it.
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find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.

If sin(x) = 1/4 and x is in quadrantI,find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.   (a) sin(2x) (b) cos(2x) (c) tan(2x)
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find the exact values of sin(a+b) and cos(a-b)

Given that sin(a)=2/3 and cos(b)=-1/5, with a and b both in the interval of pi - pi/2
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Verifying Trig identity

Hello! I am having some trouble verifying a trig identity   sin(4x)=4cos^3(x)sin(x)-4sin^3(x)cos(x)
Trigonometric Identities


Find the expression that is equal to (tan(theta)+cot(theta))^2:

a)  tan^2(theta)+cos^2(theta)   b)  2tan(theta)cot(theta)   c)  2cot^2(theta)-1   d)  sec^2(theta)+csc^2(theta)
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Trig Question

Prove sec2x-1=sec2xsin2x, justify significant steps. (state identities used)
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Trigonometry Proof

Please help me answer the following question! I'm stuck!   Prove that cos6ß + sin6ß = 1/4 + 3/4cos2ß   I've tried simplifying out the LHS into (cos2ß)3 + (sin2ß)3, but I don't know what to do... more
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find exact solution for x real in degrees. tan x = -2sinx, 0 ≤ x < 360

This is my work.   tanx = -2sinx sinx/cosx = -2sinx sinx = -2sinxcosx     (multiply by cosx) 1 = -2cosx               (divide by sinx) -1/2 = cosx              (divide by -2)   X can be 120... more
Trigonometric Identities


With reference to the definitions of sinhx and coshx show that: cosh^2 x-sinh^2 x =1

sinh x = (e^x-e^-x/2) and cosh x = (e^x + e^-x/2) 
Trigonometric Identities


With Reference to the standard right angle triangle, show that cosec^2 x =1+cot^2 x

Using Pythagoras, and making reference to a right angle triangle.  
Trigonometric Identities


Solve the equation giving all values of x which lie between 0 degrees and 360 degrees

1) 2sec x =4.6 2) 3cos^2 x + cos x-2 =0 3) Sech x =0.554
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How do you prove sin(4z) = [4tan(z)(1-tan^2(z))]/(1+tan^2(z))^2

Prove sin4z = [4tanz(1-tan2z)]/(1+tan2z)2
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verify the trig identity plz help!!!
Trigonometric Identities


if sin theta is equal to 3/5 on the interval (pi/2 , pi), what is tan 2 theta?

 if sin theta is equal to 3/5 on the interval (pi/2 , pi), what is tan 2 theta?
Trigonometric Identities


How to solve (sinx/1-cscx)-(sinx/1+cscx)= -2cot^2x?

I need to set the problem sides equal to each other. A step-by-step guide would be helpful. My entire class doesn't understand it.
Trigonometric Identities


1.Secy/coty + tany)2.tanycoty)(tany+ coty)3.( Siny + cosy)(secy + cscy)4.tany(cosy - cscy)5.Siny +cosy)(secy +cscy)6.(siny-cosy)^2 9.tan165)10.sin225)12.cos165)

These are multiple questions that I need help with. Numbers 1.( Ask to simplify) 2-6 (ask to multiply and simplify) and 9-14 ask to find angle sum and difference.    Note: I'm also looking for a... more
Trigonometric Identities


(Siny - cosy) (siny + cosy)

I need to simplify using Pythagorean identities I need hel asap
Trigonometric Identities



I need some help with the steps to solving this, I know that I need to foil out the problem but I need to get a numerical value for the expression. 

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