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Quadratic equations and algebraic expressions

the length of a base of a rectangular prism is 2m more than its width, and the height of the prism is 15m. a)write an algebraic expression for the volume of the rectangular prism b) the volume of... more


Solve by factoring

Solve by factoring  a)1/4m2+2m-5=0 b)0=6z2-21z+9


Quadratic equations help please

the path of a soccer ball can be modelled by the function h(d)=-0.1d2+0.5d+0.6, where h is the height of the ball and d is the horizontal distance from the kicker, both in metre. a)what are the... more


Quadratic equations

an object is launched 19.6 meters per second (m/s) from a 58.8-meter tall platform. The equation for the object's height s at time t seconds after launch is s(t)=-4.9t2+19.6t +58.8, where s is in... more


find the sum and duffrence . write your answer in simplest form.

(5/12+1/3) please type that a simplest form before that you find your sum or difference.    


Which of the following triangles are right triangles?

6. Which of the following triangles are right triangles? Check all that apply. A triangle with side lengths 5, 12, 13 A triangle with side lengths 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches A triangle with side... more


One and two thirds of a number equals one and a half, what's the number?

I'm stuck on this priblem and not sure how to do it please solve it with the steps, thank you.


Word problem

you decide to market your own custom computer software.you must invest $2754 on computer hardware and spend $4.40 to buy and package each disk.if each program sells for $12.50, how  many copies... more



Prove that cos6x + sin6x = (5+3cos4x)/8   Thank You! :)



Prove that tanx = cotx - 2 cot 2x. Hence show that 2tan20º + 4tan40º + 8tan80º = 9(cot 10º-tan10º)   Thank You!:)



Given that tan A =2/3 where pi<A<3pi/2, find, without using a calculator, the value of tan (1/2 A).   Ans: (-3-√13)/2   Thank You! :)


Surds and Indices

The mass, m milligrams , of a radioactive substance, present at time t years after first being observed, is given by m=300e-0.85t . Given that p milligrams is the amount of the substance that... more


Surds and indices

The curve y=axn-23 passes through (3,4), (9,220) and (-1,k). Find the values of a, n and k.   Ans: a=3, n=2 and k=-20   Thank You!:)


Surds and Indices

Fenitoine is administered intravenously through a bolus injection. The concentration, C µg/ml , of the drug in the blood, t hours after administration is given by C=4.86e-0047t . State the... more


math problem

solve: 0=   2  y-16                 19


word problem

Write a proportion to describe the following: the school store sells 6 pencils for $0.99 at this rate, how much would 16 pencils cost?solve your proportion


use the formula I=prt

use I=prt to solve      I=?, p=$1960.00, R=4% , T=9 years


word problem

In Tulsa,Oklahoma the sales tax is 7.9% if you buy an $850 television in Tulsa, how much tax will you pay? 


word problem help

You decide to market your own custom computer software.You must invest $2125 on computer hardware,and spend $4.25 to buy and package each disk.If each program sells for $10.50,how many copies must... more


Helppppp Please ( solving system of equations)

3x+4y=9 4x-37=-13


May you please help me with word problems?

A candy shop manager mixes M&M's worth $2.00 per pound with trail mix worth $1.50 per pound to make 50 pounds of party mix worth $1.80 per pound. How many pounds of each she should use? Can... more

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