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How do you simplify the square root of 26/32

I have to simplify the square root of 26/32. I was wondering if you are able to divide both the numerator and denominator (as in, both the surds)? If I did that I would get sqr root.13/4. Is this... more



√(a+b√3)=13/(4+√3) where a and b are integers, find, without using a calculator


Surds and Indices

The mass, m milligrams , of a radioactive substance, present at time t years after first being observed, is given by m=300e-0.85t . Given that p milligrams is the amount of the substance that... more


Surds and indices

The curve y=axn-23 passes through (3,4), (9,220) and (-1,k). Find the values of a, n and k.   Ans: a=3, n=2 and k=-20   Thank You!:)


Surds and Indices

Fenitoine is administered intravenously through a bolus injection. The concentration, C µg/ml , of the drug in the blood, t hours after administration is given by C=4.86e-0047t . State the... more

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