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What is that other word for cahoots?

Im drawing a blank and cannot think of that other word for alliance/cahoots. It's something like "Charage"...."Chorad"... "Shorage" something like that. Please help me remember! Lol Not Charades.... more


please help me write a story that including these words, it can be any type of story:

Prodigy Swamped Atrocious Stupendous Sluggish Pandemic BonafideDrowsiness Choir Introvert Cherish Ewok BrogiusPinnacle Upbraid


Which is correct, “learnt” or “learned”?

What is the difference between “everyday” and “every day”?

What a difference a space ( ) makes!


What's the meaning of "flat landscape"? Is there any synonym for it?

For context: Today you will travel to a small hill surrounded by flat landscape.


write a story with given words

please help me write a story that including these words, it can be any type of... more


What is "koto" used for?

I know "koto" means thing, but I've seen it used like this in my Self-Study Japanese book: *Nihon no koto ga yoku wakarimasu ka.* and *Chiimu no koto o kangaete imashita.* Does this mean... more

Does 今度 mean "this time" or "next time"?

1. My dictionary gives many meanings for 今度, they include "this time" as well as "next time". How can it mean both? Since it is 今 in it, shouldn't it only mean "this time"? 2. Also, I am confused... more


Do Japanese parents address their son as musuko?

In America, parents can address their son as son. For example, "Son, could you open the window for me?" Do Japanese parents address their son as 息子?Thanks.


Is it true that にしたって is the colloquial form of にしたところで?

I've been thinking if it is true that にしたって is the colloquial form of にしたところで. In other words, are the bottom two sentences identical in meaning and nuance? 1)... more


Short Passage using 8 words from below list. Please help, needed for tomorrow!!

Could someone help me, please!!Write a short passage using any 8 of the following words.-----The 8 words you chose are up to you, but there is a list of 10 (pick 8)-------------------acculturation,... more


A bag contains one tile for each letter of the word PANDA.

If you selected a permutation of these letters at random, what is the probability that they would spell the word panda? Hint: Note that there is a repeated letter.


I am struggling with the sometimes conflicting uses of 先?

Rikaisama's definition of 先 includes meanings like *previous; prior; former; some time ago*. However it also includes meanings such as *front; ahead; the future; destination*. I am struggling to... more


the different usages of つもり?

Hi all I understand that つもり means "intention" like say 夏休みにはゆっくり休むつもりです。 = I intend to rest during the summer vacation. But what does 分かっているつもりだ。 means? Well if I translate directly, it seems to... more
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What is it called when you define a word using each letter of that word

What is it called when you define/describe a word by taking the letters of that word & making phrases/ descriptions in sequential order, such as CAN: Capable, Able, Now available to... more

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