Asked • 03/15/19

Avoiding stuffy language: "Therefore", "Thus"?

In my thesis, I'm using "thus" and "therefore" a lot. This is repetitive and it sounds stuffy. Is there any alternative which sounds a bit more relaxed but is acceptable in scientific writing? "So" would be too colloquial, I suppose.Example for "thus:"> Later in life, neural responses to sensory input become highly> differentiated, as do overt reactions. Thus, it can be assumed that> neurons adapt their responses mediated by experience...> The neural responses used by the SC to localize stimuli are stochastic.> Thus, the SC’s task can be described as a statistical inference> problem: ...(Sorry, I didn't find any examples for "therefore" which would make sense outside of the thesis.)

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Annika G. answered • 03/15/19

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