Asked • 07/29/19

Differences between "bitter," "acrimonious" and "astringent." Why isn't it appropriate to describe an argument as "astringent"?

>After having ___ arguments virtually every other day,the couple agreed that it was best for them to separate.>A) bitter>B) saturnine>C) astringent>D) effulgent>E) acrimonious>F) assiduousThis is a GRE sentence completion question, Type: Sentence Equivalence, which means that two most suitable options for the sentence are to be selected from the given options. So, basically the selected words will be synonyms of each other.Here, I am confused about 'bitter', 'astringent', and 'acrimonious' because these are synonyms of each other. And my book has 'bitter' and 'acrimonious' as the answer. Why not 'astringent'?

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Jesse E. answered • 07/29/19

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