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Looking for some tips on how to improve writing?

I have just completed my first draft of a novel. Now the story is completed it's time to capture the style so the reader can engage in the story. I want to make sure the story style is easy enough... more


When and how often edit the style and content of a story?

An early story I did I edited again and again to make it better. But in the end, I got the feeling the result was worse than before. Recently I tried to write (short-stories) in one go and only... more


What needs to be included in a corporate style guide?

What kinds of things need to be included in a corporate style guide that can't already be found in S&W, AP, Chicago Style, etc?


Hyphen or en-dash?

What is the correct dash usage when naming a title?I have an essay with the title:*The success factors for successful e-commerce - A Linux-based e-commerce platform from an economic... more


Style when intentionally misspelling?

I am copyediting and doing layout on a play that includes a few plays on words and intentional misspellings. At first glance they read like typos. I am wondering if the convention is that I should... more


How much leeway can be expected from an editor regarding my preference for nonstandard punctuation?

As I hope to present a unique style to the world, as I am not especially tolerant of being told I'm doing things "wrong" when that's a subjective statement related to writing style, and as I've... more


How to communicate two elements of different general syntactic/semantic type in the same sentence?

I have the following sentence, > NAME is a community that helps each other code better by rating each> other's efforts and helps managers pair with other fellow developersI was suggested by... more


Write a resume objective that expresses my desire to hone and sharpen my skills?

I wish to convey to prospective employers that I not only want to use my skills, but hone and sharpen them as well. 1. Does the below paragraph do justice to it? 2. Do you have any suggestions?... more


Are there any rules to follow about the narrator mixing past and present tense in writing?

I'm editing a short story that's been written in the past tense, however at some points I slip up and use a lot of present tense to describe some scenes. Thing is, it's happened often enough that... more


Structuring a sentence with two phrases qualifying the same ending?

For a long time, I have wondered which way of writing the following is correct.(Is more than one correct?) 1. The expected result for integers denotes that a value should be **at least** a specific... more
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