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Should you read your own genre?

In terms of novel writing, I tend to avoid my own genre, at least for the most part. Some of the reasons why:Genre Blindness / Genre Trap:Too much reading of your own genre blinds you to the... more


Writing different genres?

I like to write many different genres in my fiction writing but I think that this would be confusing as an author's name becomes somewhat of a brand. Is it therefore a good idea to invent pen names... more


Series: How can I get my reader to not expect any one genre?

**Background:** I'm planning on writing an extensive series of fantasy books. I plan on writing quite a few of these books, and while they'll all be set on the same planet, I intend them to center... more


Gender of non-specific antecedent?

If a noun hasn't been mentioned yet, how do we know what gender it has?For example, suppose I make two cups of coffee, and I want to say to someone, "This one is for you," but I haven't mentioned... more


What is flash fiction?

Is it simply defined by its short word count? Or are there other accepted conventions in flash fiction? If it's just the word count, how short is too short? How long is too long?


What are the standard genre characteristics of contemporary women's fantasy?

I want to write a fantasy novel with a female protagonist, and I want to familiarize myself with reader expectations. Is there still a tradition of (medieval-type) fantasy by and for women, and... more


Why do we say “un seul M” and not “une seule M” even though M is a “consonne”?

When spelling names, for example “Bram”, to make clear that there's only one *M* at the end I hear French people say “Avec un seul *M* à la fin”. But “*M* est une consonne” therefore “un nom... more


Is it possible to create a completely new genre of music?

This question might appear really weird, but still I ended up asking me this. Every genre of music as we know today comes from some previous genre (as an evolution, a combination of two different... more


Quels participes passés se prononcent différemment selon le genre ?

Quand on utilise le passé composé, il faut parfois accorder le participe passé. Vraiment, quand on parle, je pense qu'il n'y a pas besoin de penser à cette règle, parce que, pour la plupart des... more


Quelle est la règle pour utiliser «mon» avec des noms féminins?

Je suis brésilien et j'apprends le français avec l'aide d'un ami.Il y a quelques jours, quand j'ai dit : « ma expérience », mon ami m'a dit que la forme correcte est « mon expérience », même si «... more


Accord du champ nationalité dans les documents administratifs?

Lorsque l'on doit remplir des documents administratifs, il est souvent demandé notre nationalité. Comment devons nous remplir l'information lorsque l'on est un homme français ?> Nationalité :... more

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