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To simplify numerical radical expressions

Simplify.    -11√80
Square Roots Algebra Integers


Find consecutive integers

Find consecutive integers m and n, such that the given number is between m and n, or state that the given number is not a real number.      √200
Square Roots


simplify square roots

√〈x+3〉² +√x²
Square Roots


Simplify the equation.

Square Roots Algebra Fractions Equations


Expanding Square Roots

Expand (√5 + 2√3)(√5 -2√3). Express your answer as simply as possible.   Please explain how to answer this question. Thanks :)
Square Roots Algebra Fractions Maths


Rationalising Denominators

Rationalise the denominator of 21/√7 and simplify the answer.   Please explain a) what this question means and b) how to answer it. Thanks :)
Square Roots Maths Square Root Math Help


3 x square root of 27 = 3^n

3 x square root of 27 = 3^n  Find the value of n.   Please explain how to answer this question. Thank you :)   P.S. How do you insert a square root symbol (so as to make asking questions like... more


determine whether 117 is prime or composite by using the square root theorem

hint- begin by taking its square root
Square Roots


What is the square root to this problem?

Simplify the expression. sqrt 3(5 - sqrt 3) + 6 sqrt 3 A. 10 sqrt  B. 11 - sqrt 3 - 3 C. 5 sqrt 3 + 15 D. 6 sqrt 3 + 5       Please help me!
Square Roots


whats the square root of 25

what is the square root of 25  
Square Roots Number Sets


Show me a method of calculation of square roots please.

In traditional long division only so many remainders may drop down which forces rationals to repeat or terminate. Can you show me a method for calculation of square roots that is different  showing... more
Square Roots


Question in the description

Which model represents the square of 4 2•2 4•4


how do you simplify this?

Square Roots Simplify


how do i simplify this?

(3√24)-(3√54)-(2√ 24)
Square Roots


Simplify use absolute value notation when necessary.

Square Roots


Square roots-Simplify use absolute value notation when necessary

Square Roots


Square roots (6th grade common core math)

Given that 676= 26 evaluate 2,704
Square Roots


If you take the square root of every whole number, from 1-100. How many of them will be whole numbers?

I'm looking to find the answer to the question:  If You take the square root of every whole number from 1-100.  How many of them will be whole numbers?
Square Roots


please please please help!

compute the square root of the base-5 number 2433315 and leave the answer in base 5


Use square roots to solve the following equations; round to the nearest hundredth if necessary.

1. -2w2+201.02=66.54   2. 3y2+51=918
Square Roots Exponets


How do you solve square root problems that have fractions with variables and exponets?

i need major help. Its a fraction that has variable ( 3b^2/27b^4) square rooted
Square Roots


What is the square root of x^2-4

Square root of x2-4
Square Roots


does square root of (x^2+y^2) equal to x+y?

I don't think so, because if you let x=1, y=1, square root of (x^2+y^2)=square root of 2, which doesn't equal to x+y

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