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Ratios And Proportions Scale Drawings


If 1 3/4 inch = 17 1/12 feet, then how much of 1 inch = 1 foot

Trying to figure out the dimensions of a hallway in a poorly provided blue print. The only dimensions provided are the living room and kitchen size.
Ratios And Proportions


a shark can swim 100 meters in 4 seconds and marlin can swim 70 meters in 3.5 seconds

The shark is faster but by how much seconds  
Ratios And Proportions


100 possible points each week, week 6 avg. is 78%, what is lowest score student must get for next three weeks of 9 week period in order to raise score to 84%

Mrs Cooley gives 100 points each week during a nine week grading period. At the end of the sixth week, Carlos has a 78% average. What is the lowest average score he can receive each week during the... more
Ratios And Proportions


question about ratios

A children’s library has 5 storybooks for every 3 science books it has. The library also has the same number of picture books as science books. The library added 50 more picture books so now there... more
Ratios And Proportions


If 12 cubic yards of wood are burnt in 9 fireplaces in 16 days, then in how many days of 9 cubic yards of wood burnt in 12 fireplaces?

Please solve and show how you arrived at the solution
Ratios And Proportions Percents


mack burns 95 calories when running for 10 minutes how many calories would he burn if he ran 18 minutes

mack burns 95 calories when running 10 minutes on a treadmill. how many calories would he burn if he ran for 18 minutes on the treadmill?
Ratios And Proportions


Anna can type 123 words in 3 minutes. Caroline can type 220 words in 5 minutes . Who can type the fastest

How would I solve this problem ?
Ratios And Proportions


What is the ratio of 3 1/2 and 5 1/4

This ajd sofjos djfasodjfos djsoa osajfods jofsjaoid osjf osi
Ratios And Proportions


it took 8 hours to clean 12 houses how many houses could be claen in 12 hours

 how do i do it
Ratios And Proportions


need some help

Three insurance companies, A, B, and C, agree to jointly insure a cargo ship for $28,600,000. They allocate the premiums received in the ratio 7 : 3 : 12 respectively. How will the annual premium... more
Ratios And Proportions


calculate the missing term

3:12 = 6:x   x:1.6 =3.2:6.4   1: 5 1/5 = x: 3 3/4
Ratios And Proportions Ratio


The ratio of actors to audience in a theatre is 2:17. There are 391 people in he audience. How many actors are there?

I do not know how to solve the word problem.
Ratios And Proportions


Sebastian swam laps. He swam 45 minutes each day, 5 days a week, for 12 weeks. In that time he swam 1,800 laps. What was his average rate in laps per hour?

You need to show the steps in how you did it and the answer.
Ratios And Proportions


A piece of rope was cut into 3 pieces in the ratio of 4:3:2. The difference in length between the longest and shortest is 24cm. Find the length of the longest p

Find the difference of the longest piece.
Ratios And Proportions


Ratio and proportions

mrs and mr K decided to share$120 equally between their children for summer vacation. When the eldest got holiday job, he divided his share equally between all his brothers and sisters. If each... more
Ratios And Proportions


A golden rectangle has a diagonal measuring 12units.What are the measures of the sides of the rectangle

Ratios And Proportions


You mix 1/4 cup of juice concentrate for every 2 cups of water to make 18 cups of juice. How much juice concentrate and water do you use?

How much juice concentrate and water do you use?
Ratios And Proportions


Distance/Rate Time question

Aubrey and Isabella are both riding their bikes in the same direction on the same road. At 11 am Aubrey is 7 miles ahead of Isabella. Aubrey covers 1 mile in 6 minutes and Isabella covers 3 miles... more
Ratios And Proportions Geometry Word Problems


The ratio of a bunkbed's weight to the weight it can bear is 3:13. How many 70-lb children can a 60-lb bed hold?

I am trying to figure this problem out but I can't seem to do it.
Ratios And Proportions


if 3/4 cup of packed brown sugar is needed for one batch of chocolate chip cookies, how much packed sugar is needed for five batches?

 I dont know if i got the right answer but can you show it step by step please?  
Ratios And Proportions


Do the ratios in each pair form a proportion?

1) 1/3:3, 1/4:4 2) 2/3:2/9, 1/4:1/12 3) 4/5:1/2, 2/3:1/4
Ratios And Proportions


Do the ratios in each pair form a proportion?

1) 1/3:3, 1/4:4   2) 2/3:2/9, 1/4:1/12   3) 4/5:1/2, 2/3:1/4
Ratios And Proportions


Francis drove to her mothers house which is 375 miles away if it took her five hours what was her average speed

this is a ratios and proportions question i don't know how to solve i need help. thanks 

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