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Quadratic Word Problem Quadratic Equations Quadratics



h=height in feet t=time in seconds if h=96 feet, t=?
Quadratic Word Problem Quadratic Equations



h=height in feet t=time in seconds if h=128, t=?  
Quadratic Word Problem Quadratic Equations


h=128t-16t^2, where h is the height, in feet, above the ground after t seconds. After how many seconds will the rocket be at a height of 240 feet?

h=128t-16t^2 h=height in feet t=time in seconds when h=240, t=?
Quadratic Word Problem


Quadratic and Exponential Functions

The area of a square can be tripled by increasing its length by 6 centimeters and increasing its width by 3 centimeters. What is the length of the side of the square?
Quadratic Word Problem


Quadratic word problem

Translate to a quadratic equation, then solve using the quadratic formula.The length of a rectangular air filter is 5 inches less than twice the width. Find the length and width of the filter if... more


Maths Quadratics problem

Jenny is y^2 old and her daughter is y, when jenny is 13y, her daughter will be y^2. Find y
Quadratic Word Problem


if two peoples age multiplies to 36 and in three years one will two years younger than twice the other ones age. how old are they

their names are maize and peter. they both get three years older not just one of them
Quadratic Word Problem


1. A rectangle has the width x and its length is 10 greater than the width. For what values of x the area of the rectangle is greater or equal to 24

1. A rectangle has the width x and its length is 10 greater than thewidth. For what values of x the area of the rectangle is greater or equalto 24. This is a word problem for a quadratic equation.
Quadratic Word Problem



I am having problems solving this question. The original question is, A bungee jumper jumps from a bridge 100 meters above a gorge. Before the 40-meter-long rope begins to slow him down, his height... more
Quadratic Word Problem


Quadratic Word Problem help! No one can help me, not Brainly, not my parents, and no one else is available!

MobiStar is a mobile services company that sells 800 phones each week. when it charges $80 per phone. It sells 40 more phones per week for each $2 decrease in price. The company's revenue is the... more
Quadratic Word Problem


One number is equal to the square of another. Find the numbers if both are positive and their sum is 5656.

Please help me with this word problem.
Quadratic Word Problem Perimeter Completing The Square Quadratics


Find Dimension that yield greatest possible Area by completing the square for the rectangular region.

An athletic field with perimeter of 40km consists of a rectangle with a semicircle at each end. Find Dimensions that yield greatest possible Area by completing the square for the rectangular... more
Quadratic Word Problem


a field has a length that is five yards less than twice its width. If the area of the field is 150 square yards, find the dimensions of the field

I need help with this word problem  
Quadratic Word Problem Math Math Word Problem


A square lawn surrounded by a walkway of uniform width of 2 meters

A square lawn has side length of x meters, it is surrounded by a walkway of uniform width on all sides, the width of the walk way is 2 meters, if the area of the lawn is the same as the area of the... more
Quadratic Word Problem Problem Solving Algebra Word Problem


Show all steps and work leading to an answer. Don't forget to define your variables and label your answers.

a baseball player throws a ball from the outfield toward home plate. The ball's height above the ground is modeled by the equation y=-16t^2+48t+6, where y represents height, in feet, and t... more

quadratic function (word problem)

A ball is thrown up in the air from the ground and follow the function h(t) = 50t - 4.90t2 where t is time in seconds. what is the total time the ball stays in the air.   I need help in answering... more
Quadratic Word Problem Quadratic Functions Quadratics


Quadratic function (word problem)

henry jumps from a platform 10 meters above the surface of the water. the height of henry's jump can be modeled by the function h(t) = -5.3t^2 + 4.8t +10, where t is time in seconds after the jump.... more
Quadratic Word Problem Optimization


He predicts that he will sell 280 bicycles for $ 360 . He also predicted that for each increase in the price of $ 10, he will sell 5 bikes less.

How many bicycles will he sell in this context? what is the maximum price that he can obtain? what will be the maximum revenue?
Quadratic Word Problem Area Of Rectangle


A farmer wishes to enclose a pasture that is bordered on one side by a river (so one of the four sides won't require fencing).

She has decided to create a rectangular shape for the area, and will use barbed wire to create the enclosure. There are 600 feet of wire available for this project, and she will use all the wire.... more
Quadratic Word Problem


Quadratic Equation

A golf ball is hit, and it lands at a point on the same horizontal plane 53m away. The path of the ball took it just over a 9m tall tree that was 8m in front of the golfer.   a) Assume the ball... more
Quadratic Word Problem


Height and speed

A toy rocket is shot vertically into the air from a launching pad 5 feet above the ground with an initial velocity of 112 feet per second. The height h, in feet, of the rocket above the ground at t... more
Quadratic Word Problem


Grade 11 Math

Last year, a banquet hall charged $30 per person, and 60 people attended the hockey banquet dinner. This year, the hall's manager has said that for every 10 extra people that attend the banquet,... more
Quadratic Word Problem


Math grade 11

Maximum or Minimum of a quadratic function revenue questionAn electronic store sells an average of 60 entertainment systems per month at an average of $800 more than the cost price. For every $20... more
Quadratic Word Problem


One leg of a right triangle has a length of 7m. The other sides have lengths that are consecutive integers. Find these lengths

The solution should be how long the other leg is
Quadratic Word Problem Math Algebra Quadratic Equations


Really need help for this question! (URGENT)

The height, y metres, of an object projected directlyupwards from the grouncl can be modelled byy = 17t-5t^2, where t is the time in seconds after itleaves the ground. (iii) 1. 5 seconds after the... more

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