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Quadratic Applications


C(x) = x^2 - 16x + 64. Find the number of units manufactured at a cost of $8100.

Quadratic Applications Algebra 2


Quadratic Applications

. The number of baseball games that must be scheduled in a league with n teams isgiven by G(n) = where each team plays every other team exactly once. A league 2n −n2schedules 15 games. How many... more
Quadratic Applications


general rule for translating a parabola left and right

what is the general rule for translating a parabola left and right?
Quadratic Applications


a ball was thrown straught upward and function f(x)= -16t(to the second power) + 64t represents its height. the point of release was very close to the ground

after how many seconds did it fall to the ground?
Quadratic Applications


Applications of quadratics. Jeans

A manufacture of brand A jeans has a daily production costs of C= 0.3x2 _ 120x + 12,575 where C is the total cost (in dollars) and x is the  Number of jeans produced. How many jeans should be... more


A company has discovered that it costs $16 to produce 2 widgets. $18 to produce 4 widgets. $48 to produce 10 widgets. Whats the total cost for 8 widgets?

I am having a lot of problems in this section of my class. the rest of problem → "Company ABC produces widgets. They have found that the cost, c(x), of making x widgets a quadratic function in... more
Quadratic Applications


L What is the width of the garden?

A person had a square garden. Person added 7ft to the length and 3ft to the width. The area of the new garden is 140ft^2
Quadratic Applications


Quadratic & Exponential Functions

An object is launched at 17.2 m/s from a 25-meter tall platform. The equation for the object's height h at time t seconds after launch is: h(t) = -4.9t^2 + 17.2t +25, where h is in meters. a. Graph... more
Quadratic Applications


How many seconds?

A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground. It's distance in ft from the ground is s=-16t^2+208t. After how many seconds will the ball be 640 ft from the ground?
Quadratic Applications


Width of the room is ?

the diagonal of a rectangular room is 26 ft long. One wall measures 14 ft longer than the adjacent wall. find the dimensions of the room.  The width of the room is?
Quadratic Applications


if 5 is added to the square of a number, the result is 30. find all such numbers.

Quadratic Applications Algebra 2


When does the object strike the ground?

An object is launched at 19.6 meters per second (m/s) from a 67.8-meter tall platform. The equation for the objects height h at time t after launch is h(t)=-4.9t^2 + 19.6t + 67.8, where s is... more
Quadratic Applications


The area of a rectangle is 32cm^2. Its width of the rectangle is 4cm more than 3 times the length. The length of the rectangle is ______ cm.

Got stuck on this one. x=width of rectangle   3x+4????   3x+4-32=0?????   8/3*3=8   8+4=12 for length.   Not sure. Thanks for any help.
Quadratic Applications


Find two positive numbers whose difference is 1313 and whose product is 230.

x=positive # x-1313   Thanks, any help on this one.
Quadratic Applications


Cali owns a campground, and has installed a rectangular swimming pool measuring 10m by 20m. She wants to put a wooden deck with a uniform width around the swimm

Cali owns a campground, and has installed a rectangular swimming pool measuring 10m by 20m. She wants to put a wooden deck with a uniform width around the swimming pool. Cali budgeted $1920 to... more
Quadratic Applications


Solve this problem

solve h = 16t2 + Vt + H for t. (Assume that h, V, H are constant)
Quadratic Applications


Applications Involving Quadratic Equations

A child throws a water balloon off the roof of a building. The height h (in feet) of the balloon, t seconds after being launched, is given by the function h(t) = -16t2 + 48t2 + 64.   a. Find any... more


I need help with applications involving quadratic equation word problems!!

stuart bikes 36 mi, averaging a certain speed. The return trip is made at an average speed that is 3mph slower. The total time for the round trip is 7hr. Find stuarts average speed on each part of... more
Quadratic Applications Quadratic Word Problem


When does Kerri enter the pool?

Use the equation h(t)=-3t2 -7t + 20
Quadratic Applications


The length of a rectangle is 6 more than the width. The area is 520 square yards. Find the length and width of the rectangle.

Prep For College Math, module 7.11
Quadratic Applications


A theater can seat 374 people. The number of rows is 5 less than the number of seats in each row. How many rows of seats are there?

Prep for College Math (PCM-076)
Quadratic Applications


quadratic i need help please

A nursery manager is buying fencing to enclose three sides of a rectangular garden. The length of the garden is 5x feet and the width is 4x feet. The area of the garden is 3125 square feet. How... more
Quadratic Applications Word Problem


Throwing a ball

Suppose you throw a ball straight up from the ground with a velocity of 80 ft. per second. As the ball moves upward, gravity slows it. Eventually the ball begins to fall back to the ground. The... more
Quadratic Applications Word Problem


Arrows parabolic pathway

An archer's arrow follows a parabolic path. The path of the arrow can be described by the equation y= -0.005x2 +2x+5, where y is the height of the arrow. Describe the meaning of the y intercept of... more

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