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Find the sum of the series. 6+18+54+162+⋅⋅⋅+6(3^9)=

need help finding the sum of the series

Write the sum of the following series using sigma notation. 44+37+30+23+16+9 S=∑n=0af(n), where a=Entry field with correct answer 5 and f(n)=Entry field wi

I have part a i just need help with part b thanks in advance for any help i get

Optimization problem? Please help!!!

Given two numbers with a difference of 14, find the minimum for the sum of 4 times the larger number and the square of the smaller number. 

Make the trigonometric substitution x = a tan θ for −π/2 < θ < π/2 and a > 0

Simplify the resulting expression: x^2/sqrt(a^2+x^2).   I actually have no idea how to go about solving this at all. If anyone could be kind enough to explain this to me step by step, I'll be... more

What expression is equal to tan(arccos(2x))?

I feel like the answer is sqrt(1-4x^2)/2x (The square root is only over the 1-4x^2). I'm just asking for confirmation because I only have a limited amount of tries to submit a problem and I want to... more

Find all exact solutions of the equation tan(3x)=sqrt3 in the interval [0,π)

I got the answer of π/9, but I'm not so sure about it. I'm not the strongest in this unit so far so any explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Find all exact solutions of the equation tan(x)=-1 in the interval [0,2π]

I got the answer of -π/4 +- πn and -3π/4 +- πn. Is this the correct answer? I'm asking because I think it's right, but I only have a limited number of tries to submit it.

Write the equation as a function of x in the form y = a sin(bx + c) for a > 0, b > 0, and the least positive real number c.?

(http : // www . webassign . net/waplots/5/9/3db62208ecce8388e36f5fcdec8fe3.gif) image here I know that the amplitude is 5 and the period is 3pi (I think, correct me if I'm wrong), but how do I... more

What are the possible values of the angle θ if (cos(θ))^2=1/2 and sin(θ)=-sqrt2/2 (Only the numerator is under the square root)

The values of θ are in radians and are between 0 and 2π . Enter your answer in exact form.   I needed to enter in a smaller value and a larger value. However, I got the answers of pi/4 and 3pi/4... more

Determine the set of values of x where the function y=cos(x) is increasing where −2π < x < 2π.

(Do not include the endpoints of the intervals, and all intervals should be open intervals on all endpoints)   I don't really understand the instructions here. This is one of a few extra credit... more

An arc on a circle subtends a central angle of "theta"=1/2pi radians, and the area of the sector is 98 cm^2.

(Determine the radius, r centimeters, of the circle. Write an exact number as an integer, fraction, or decimal.)   I'm very confused about arcs and angles and whatnot. I'm doing extra credit, but... more

one gear wheel turns another

One gear wheel turns another the teeth being on the rims. The wheels have 40cm and 50cm radii, and the smaller wheel rotates at 20rpm. find angular speed of larger wheel in radians per second

Pre Calc: Identities

Find all solutions to the equation on [0,2π)sinxcotx^2-sinxcsc^2 x=1/2

A bike wheel has a circumference of 113 inches and travels 791 inches on a road.

How many times did the wheel rotat? How many radians did it turn?   ps. I need to know how to get the answer, thx!

Decay rate,k is 2.7% per year=-0.027. What is the half-life in years

i need help understanding word problems in precalculus algebra. 

A farmer finds that if she plants 75 trees per acre, each tree will yield 20 brushels of fruit.

A farmer finds that if she plants 75 trees per acre, each tree will yield 20 bushels of fruit. She estimates that for each additional tree planted per acre, the yield of each tree will decrease by... more

complete the identity: cot(t) + tan(t)=

I'm having trouble solving the above question, as well as the one below    tan20+tan10/1-tan20tan10=


how do i establish identity

A parabola has a vertex at (2,4). The y-coordinate of the parabola at x=3 is 18/6 . Determine the x-intercepts of the parabola. Enter your answer in exact form

I need to find what the smaller and larger x intercepts are, but I'm not sure how to do that (and it's a homework question with a topic that hasn't yet been covered in class) From what I've been... more

Farmer Brown has 300 yards of fencing with which to build a rectangular corral. He wants to divide it evenly into three pens, so he adds in two divider fences.

a) Write the area of the corral as function of x, so A(x)=? b) Determine the maximum area enclosed by the corral. (Decimal approximations are marked incorrect.) So the maximum area equals how many... more
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