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Powers Math Bases


Working with bases greater than 10. Just for fun.

I'm trying to figure out how to work with math in higher than base 10. As an experiment, I started using base 26, using a = 0, b = 1, c = 2, and so on until z = 25. I then tried to calculate the... more


Multiply fraction w/ anumver to the 5th power

Multiplying powers to fractions 2.3(5.8×10^5)


The powers of maths I am not clear with it

(-2) power of 6


How to solve 10^-4.30 without a calculator

How to solve 10^-4.3 without a calculator. Step by step needed please


How to solve 842 = 500(1.11)^x

842 = 500(1.11)x   I can't remember how to solver power x.


A byte is 2³ bits. A megabyte is 2²0 bytes. How many bits are in a megabyte?

A byte is 23 bits. A megabyte is 220 bytes. Write the answer as a power of 2.


Powers, roots and standard form

The engine of a new aircraft had a major inspection after 1.2x104 hours flying time. The aircraft flies at an average speed of 900 km/h.    Calculate the distance travelled by the new aircraft... more


3 x square root of 27 = 3^n

3 x square root of 27 = 3^n  Find the value of n.   Please explain how to answer this question. Thank you :)   P.S. How do you insert a square root symbol (so as to make asking questions like... more
Powers Work Force


Work required and power being used.

Find the work required to lift a mass of 5 tonnes to a height of 30m.  If this is done in 2 minutes, what power is being used?


Express your answer in kWh/d.

How much power is required to cool a house to 22oC on a 40oC day if the "leakiness" (heat-loss coefficient) of the house is 3.6 kWh/d/oC? You may assume that the air-conditioner cooling the house... more


How to find the power of a number if it equals a large number?

The question gives me a table of 3 to the powers of the numbers up to 7 then asks what would the power be to if it equals 1594323! pleasehelp!
Powers Reciprocal


Math question about powers

A number is one more than its reciprocal. Find the sum of the fourth power of the number and the fourth power of the reciprocal.


simplify show some work

Simplify and show work ((8x^9y^3)/(27x^-3y^12))^(1/3)

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