John L.

asked • 10/18/14

Are they any calculation/formula of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion that uses the unit of power or energy?

example: kWh/d/y, w/metc..

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Stanton D. answered • 10/23/14

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John L.

Thanks for the reply Stanton.
I'm doing a slide show presentation and I'm new.
I would like to find an question or example of the calculation ( eg. calculate W/m^2? How many kWh of electricity could be generated over a year by a typical system (or a planned system)? If this was shared by XX people, how many $ per kWh?)


Stanton D.

So go online and start reading about specific projects! Using the suggested search string above, there's a lot of sites found, and oodles of references to get you into it. The site has some nice photos; I imagine "Images" would cross reference you even further. The scale of some of the already-in-place projects is amazing -- from hundreds of KW to hundreds of MW. Although these capacities may be smaller than those of the largest coal-fired plants, or of the planned 2 TW Chinese solar farm, they operate round-the-clock and are sustainable.


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