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Indicies maths

27x93x can be written in the form of 3k where k is an expression in terms of x. Find k
Indicies Power Law


4^a+2=3 times 2^α

Solve the equation

Worded indicies problem- Find temperature of liquid

When a liquid is placed into a refrigerator, its temperature T°C at a time t minutes is given by the formula T=T*10^-kt The temperature is initially 100°C and drops to 40°C in 5 minutes. Find... more
Indicies Algebra Maths


(3a^5/b^3)^4 ÷ (-9a^3/b^6)^2

(3a^5/b^3)^4 ÷ (-9a^3/b^6)^2
Indicies Power Rule


Power Laws and Indices

Ok I have an exam and these stuff will be on it but i don't know how to work it out. So I would like you to give me the answer and the working out... more
Indicies Math Help Powers


How to find the power of a number if it equals a large number?

The question gives me a table of 3 to the powers of the numbers up to 7 then asks what would the power be to if it equals 1594323! pleasehelp!

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