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Powers And Exponents


doubt please solve

Powers And Exponents


why is -3 squared = - 9 but (-3) squared =9

What do parenthesis do to a negative integer compared to an integer with out parenthesis?
Powers And Exponents Maths Square Root Math Help


3 x square root of 27 = 3^n

3 x square root of 27 = 3^n  Find the value of n.   Please explain how to answer this question. Thank you :)   P.S. How do you insert a square root symbol (so as to make asking questions like... more


Hello,I'm trying to simplify the following expression.

√(4a^3*b^-6*x^2)/16a^-3*2b*x^-4)   It's all under the square root sign.The final answer I got was: 64x^8/3b^7/2 But I have no clue if this is correct or not.
Powers And Exponents


whats to the power of what equals 528

2 to the power of what equals 528
Powers And Exponents



This is an exercise for programming C# were i believe it it is 3^20= 3486784401

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