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How to protect yourself from being misrepresented by others?

This can be a problem stemming either from the boss, or co-workers competing for promotions. Examples include(what other people do) - writing inaccurate details in email causing other people(who... more


How to build the skill to explain ideas for my design work?

I am a fashion designer working in the US.I came from Asia last year, luckily got a job in the US.At work, I always need to explain my work during the design meeting, I have difficult time to... more


sally can paint a room in 6 hours and it takes steve 8 hours to paint the same room. how long would it take them to paint the room if they work together

it takes 6 hours for sally to paint a room it takes 8 hours for steve to paint a room  how long will it take them to paint a room if they work together
Work Time


.8 = how many minuets

I worked 24.8 hours on a job and would like to know how many minuets is .8 in time worked.

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