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Order Of Operations


Using order of operations and digits 8,5,4,8,3 to create an expression with the value of 25

Order of operations to equal 25 Using numbers 8,5,4,8,3
Order Of Operations


if you have (xy)squared divided by xy when x=2 and y = 5 what is the answer

Since you don't have parenthesis around the second xy  do you do the division first because writing xy like that just means multiply? The book is showing that you multiply the xy first then divide.... more
Order Of Operations


The perimeter of a hexagon is found by adding the lengths of all six sides. For the hexagon below write a nemerical expression to find the perimeter and evaluat

the picture is a hexagon with the sides of 8,5,5,8,5,5
Order Of Operations


6 ÷ 2(1+2) = This debate is happening all over facebook. I get 9. Others get 1. Some say both are correct.

I break it down as follows. In bracket stuff first. becomes 6 ÷ 2(3) = 6 ÷ 6 =1 Others use the following method. In bracket stuff first. becomes 6 ÷ 2(3) then division 3(3) then multiplication = 9
Order Of Operations


Use the order of operations and the digits 2,4,6,8 to create an expression with a answer of 2.

You can add exponents and/or negative signs at will.
Order Of Operations


What is the area of the paper that remained after these triangles are cut off?

Joseph drew a hexagon on a 3-inch square piece of paper. He cut four identical right triangles from the four corners of the paper. The height of each triangle is 1/2 the length of the paper. The... more
Order Of Operations


1 - 34 divide (3 X 8 - 7) - 2 X 3

1 - 34 divide (3 X 8 - 7) - 2 X 3
Order Of Operations


Magnification Order Of Operations Question

During a Science lab, Shawn uses a microscope to view bacteria. The bacteria are first magnified 103 times. This image is then magnified 104 times. How many times as large as the actual bacteria... more
Order Of Operations


what Order of operation do you use to split a price

if you amd your three friends order a pizza 4 loaves of bread and a drink you split the cost evenly what order of operations do you use to find out how much every person should pay
Order Of Operations


Solve the equation

Order Of Operations


What is the correct answer to this equation: 2 - 2 x 2 +1?

Would it be -1 or -3?
Order Of Operations


What operations make 6 6 6 6=8 true?

Im trying to figure out which operations need to be added to make 6 6 6 6=8 using PEMDAS
Order Of Operations


What is the order of operation for the number sentence 4+8÷4+4=5

Need to add parentheses to make number sentence correct
Order Of Operations


When did the Order of Operations come into common usage?

I do not remember this term - "order of operations" - and I'm a senior.   When did this come into common usage?
Order Of Operations


How does 3,7,12,and 2 equal 29

How do you make 29 with the numbers listed bellow
Order Of Operations


3 7 12 2 = 15

How do I get the answer 15 from the numbers 3, 7, 12, 2 order of operations  
Order Of Operations


12 / 6 * 14 + 4

12 / 6 * 14 + 4  
Order Of Operations Pemdas


What order of operations problem will get me 22? You can only use numbers 2-8 and no repeats. Yes, you can use exponents and parentheses.

for this problem, I need help with getting a problem that will get me 22. You can use the numbers 2-8, but no repeating them. You can still use exponents though, still applying to the same rules.... more
Order Of Operations


Order of Operations

3 x2+5xy+y2  When x=2 y=5
Order Of Operations


(13+7) x(10-2) + 6^2

i just need help getting the answer to this order of operations question.  
Order Of Operations


How do you arrive at the answer for: 9 - (3x2) +8? Is it 11 or 5?

I am confused about what ORDER is used to determine the answer.  I thought it was: do what is in parentheses, then either add/subtract from left to right.  My granddaughter states after arriving at... more
Order Of Operations



Order Of Operations


. (-8)-7–(-9)

I need help on this question I been stuck on it 
Order Of Operations Exponents


how does one solve: 2+(3+5y^4)^6

the order of operations says to solve what is within the parenthesis first but the rules of exponents says we would handle the outside exponent (6) first. 

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