Amy G.

asked • 10/26/17

What is the correct value of this expression?

52 + 2(8) ÷ 2(2) + 3(3)

2 Answers By Expert Tutors


David W. answered • 10/26/17

4.5 (50)


Mark M. answered • 10/26/17

5.0 (243)

Mathematics Teacher - NCLB Highly Qualified

Amy G.

Do you mean 41 + 9 = 50?
That is what I had but our high school STEM teacher said to group the 2(8) and the 2(2) then divide for 16/4
There were no parentheses in this problem however, the 8 was a variable so it was 2y and the 2 was a variable 2w. He said to treat it as 3 terms to get 25 + 4 + 9 for a total of 38. This came straight out of Pearson online curriculum and the answer was 38. I thought without the parentheses you just work across and get 50!


Mark M.

Thank you for noting my error. Yes, it should be 50.
They way the expression is notated (and David W. performs) the division 2 must be done before the multiplication,


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