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i simply need the break down of this math equation


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To help you with this, recall the PEMDAS mnemonic PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY. In other words 1. Evaluate the contents inside PARENTHESES using order of operations. 2. Evaluate all EXPONENTS. 3. Evaluate all MULTIPLICATIONS and DIVISIONS going from left to right. 4. Evaluate all ADDITIONS and SUBTRACTIONS going from left to right. Example: (100-2*7^2+1)^3*7/9*3^2+4-2^5. Evaluating inside contents of parentheses gives 100-2*7^2+1 = 100-2*49+1 = 100-98+1 = 3 Now you can do the rest: (100-2*7^2+1)^3*7/9*3^2+4-2^5 = 3^3*7/9*3^2+4-2^5 = 27*7/9*3+4-32 = 63+4-32 = 35. Now try it on your equation.


There is an error in my last step (ignored the squaring accidently). it should be 3^3*7/9*3^2+4-2^5 = 27*7/9*9+4-32 = 189+4-32 = 161

So, here is the Order of Operations you would use to break down the problem.

1. Parenthesis

2. Multiplication and Division

3. Addition and Subtraction

(Note: for future problems, if you have two of the same sign, you just work left to right, as if you were reading a sentence.)

So: 17-2(5-3)

First, do what is in the Parenthesis: 5-3=2

Now you have 17-2 x 2 (when the numbers are bumped up against the parenthesis like that, it always means to multiply), so you do the multiplication next: 17-4

Now do the subraction and you have your answer! 17-4=13


You have to do the parentheses first (order of operations) then the other part, i.e. 17-2.

5-3=2 so now it will read 17-2-2= 13


Darlene, there's a multiplication in there. But because we're talking about two's, you did happen across the correct answer. This would not work for most other answers, though!

You are correct and I am not a math tutor but just wanted to help a little bit. I was hoping someone such as yourself would explain it more thoroughly and you did a superb job, I might add.  My strengths are in reading, grammar, and biology. I probably will stick to these.

No problem! It's great that you wanted to help! I just wanted to make sure the student saw the difference between the answers so that in the future, the multiplication portion of that type of equation was clear!