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Math Puzzle including Candy!

Isaac has 25 candies and Christine has 55 candies. Find the number of candies that Isaac has to give to Christine so that she would have 4 times as many candies as him.


Finding total distance traveled.

Angelo travels from Town A to Town B at an average speed of 6 km/hr. and from Town B to Town A at an average speed of 8km/hr. If he takes 50 minutes to complete the entire journey, find his total... more


Is it possible to solve for Y using information from the following problems:

  A + 30= Y B + 28= Y C + 26= Y D + 32 = Y     I'm writing a book (i.e. I'm not great at math) and my protagonist must solve a riddle. The riddle is a Magic Square, where some (four) of the... more
Math Puzzle


How long to go 3,000 miles, traveling 17,000mph

3,ooo miles.. going 17,000mph. How long
Math Puzzle


Sum of three numbers

_+_+_= 30 options (1,3,5,7,9,11&13)
Math Puzzle


Easy Math puzzle

  OO O  OO O  OO  O Using multiplication, addition, subtraction, or division and the digits 1-9 only once. where do numbers go so that each 3 dots equals 18. straights and diagnols
Math Puzzle


Lala=rs 14,loal =rs 12,ola=rs 10 and oola=rs? What are the values of l , a and o

The answer should be a single digit number

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