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Writing the most important part of a sentence (at the end, between parentheses)?

I've seen this writing style several times, where the most important part of a sentence - or a twist - is put at the end between parentheses. This is typically used in titles and gives the sentence... more


Where to insert comma(s)?

Compare these: > 1. She tried, and, as expected, failed. 2. She tried, and as expected, failed. 3. She tried and, as expected, failed. 4. She tried and as expected, failed. 5. She tried and (as... more


How to remove parentheses and simplify please give me an example with step by step.

The question is 3m2(2mn-4mn2+6n)  please can you solve this question and send it to me quick on monday is the due date 

What is included under ‘Parentheses’ in the Order of Operations?

I don’t mean the types of grouping symbols.    What I don’t understand is how far are parentheses the most important? I know that they go first, but is that only for actual problems inside... more


30=(12-C)3.5 parentheses??

30=(12-C)3.5 how do I get rid of the parentheses? there is nothing to distribute 
Parentheses Solve By Factoring


How do I solve this, a + ( a - 3 ) = ( a + 2 ) - ( a + 1) ?

I'm not sure how to get rid of the other two parentheses to solve. 

how do you properly distribute 1/3(1-3i)?

it is apart of 3i+[1/2]-[1/3](1-3i)+2
Parentheses Exponents


when this is simplified: (x+5)^2 do you get x^2+5^2?

I need to know because I have been wondering this for a while.


(4-16) (-8) =

Use the distributive property to evaluate the equation. I know how to do D.P. but this question confused me! Help me, please!

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