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Is the primordial deity Aether also Hyperion?

I read somewhere that Aether, the primordial god of the upper air, was ‘married’ to Aithre/Aethra/Theia. I also read that Theia was the mother of Hyperion’s children-Helios the sun, Eos the dawn,... more
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What was Hermes the Greek god of?

What is Hermes' main role as an Olympian god?


Is there any writings about Adephagia, Greek Goddess Of Gluttony?

All I can find about her online is she is mentioned once in a Greek temple to Demeter located in Sicily. Other than a theory that this makes her a type of harvest goddess there doesn't seem to be... more
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Did the ancient Greeks ever climb Mt. Olympus?

We all know that the ancient Greeks believed that their gods lived on top of the mountain Olympus (and some of them in other places like the Underworld). But Olympus - they knew where it was... more
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Tech related to mythology

I need to know a piece of technology (space flight, computers, phones, etc.) that either shares a name or quality with a mythological character or story
Greek Mythology


The Homeric poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey, date to the end of the Dark Age.

true or false. did the homeric poems, the illiad and the odyssey date to the end of th dark age
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What is one word to describe each of the 12 Olympians? (Greek Mythology)

Just 1 word to describe a trait/ symbolism of each of these Gods/Goddesses:  Zeus:Hera:Poseidon:Hades:Hestia:Athena:Artemis:Apollo:Aphrodite:Hephaestus:Ares:Hermes: Thanks! UPDATE: Thank you so... more
Greek Mythology Agamemnon


The watchman at the play’s beginning says “if this house could speak, it would tell quite a story” (line 37). What does he mean?

The watchman at the play’s beginning says “if this house could speak, it would tell quite a story” (line 37). What does he mean? Be specific in your response.
Greek Mythology


what gem did Pluto not have control of Greek mythology

Greek mythology Pluto did not have control of what gem

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