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if there are 7 cubes and 3 cubes on one side of the scale and 2 cups and 23 cubes on the other side , how many cubes must be in each cup to maintain the balanc


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7 + 3 = 2 C + 23
Subtract 23 from both sides:
-13 = 2 C
Divide both sides by 2:
-13/2 = C
So each cup holds a negative 6.5.


I think the student meant to say 7 cups and 3 cubes and 2 cups and 23 cubes.
Therefore let x=# of cubes in a cup; 7x+3=2x+23
                                                          x=4 cubes in a cup
The reason I'm assuming this is because in the other problems there are "cups first" and then "cubes second" except for the last problem where there are only cubes on one side of the scale.