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What is the probability the thrid bottles she chooses will be grape juice?

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2 Answers

Hi Travina,
This problem is just like the other two.  After removing 1 apple juice and 1 orange juice, there are 10 total bottles of juice left in the fridge, 3 apple, 3 orange, and 4 grape.  The probability that the next bottle that Ivy chooses will be grape is:
P = (Number of grape juice bottles left) / (Total number of juice bottles left)
You may have to reduce the fraction.  Let me know what you get and I'll tell you if you are right.
first and 2nd draw : 1 apple juice and 1 orange juice.
 3rd draw from: ( 3 apples ,  3 orange, 4 grapes)
            probability of Grape juice on 3rd draw: = 4/ 10 = 2/5


Hi Parviz - I may be better to leave some of the problem for the student to do
Definitely, especially since all these problems are the same concept. 
The student should not even be posting several of the same thing, but getting help with one, and then trying the others on her own, not just getting a solution from a tutor.