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You Have $110 in your lunch account and plan to spend $2.75 each school day.

A. Write and graph a linear equation that represents the balance in your lunch account.
B. How many school days will it take to spend all of the money in your lunch account.
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1 Answer

A.)B=balance of your lunch account
    B=$110-$2.75n where n=number of school days you buy lunch and spend $2.75
 n=1, B=$107.25, (1,107.25)
 n=2, B=$104.50, (2,104.5)
 n=3, B=$101.75, (3,101.75)
 n=39, B=$2.75, (39,2.75)
 n=40, B=$0.00, (40,0)  
B.) $110/$2.75=40 days