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Subsitution Equation


algebra word problem

you have 50 ride tickets. you need 3 tickets to ride the ferris wheel and 5 tickets to ride the coaster. You ride 12 times. How many times did you ride the roller coaster?  5? 7? 10? 18?
Subsitution Equation


algebra word problem

you pay $105 for 8 tickets to attend a folk festival. Tickets for students cost $10 each and tickets for adults cost $15 each. How many of each type of ticket did you buy?  -Define your... more
Subsitution Equation


How long did Eudora spend running, and how long did she spend flying using her jetpack?

Eudora ran from her home to her secret laboratory at an average speed of 12\text{ km/h}12 km/h12, space, k, m, slash, h. She then took one of her jetpacks and flew to her school at an average speed... more
Subsitution Equation


Solving a System of Equations Using Substitution

2x-y=-2 3x+2y=-10
Subsitution Equation


8th grade math problem 8

Solve the system linear equation by using the substitution method: −7x − 2y = −13x − 2y = 11
Subsitution Equation Linear Equations


How many cubic feet of each type of gravel are in the truck?

A landscape designer uses two types of gravel for walkways. The larger gravel weighs an average of 48 pounds per cubic foot and thge smaller weighs an average of 40 pounds per cubic foot. In his... more
Subsitution Equation


Using substitution. Tamadra has 35 nickels and X quarters. She bought a pair of shoes that cost less than $2.50. How many quarters will make it true?

Basically, I've already figured these two equations out. All I need is the steps and answer, please.    35y+0.25x=2.25 y=0.25x+1.75
Subsitution Equation


Product of X and y

If X+y=7 and X-y=9, find the product of x and y.


System word problem with Subsitution

Haley wants to buy a charm Richmond Fine Jewelry charges $30 per charm, plus $10 for the bracelet. Espinoza Jewelers, in contrast, charges $29 per charm and $12 for the bracelet. If Haley wants to... more
Subsitution Equation


2x - y = -1 And 3x + 4y = 26

Math is very hard for me especially when it come down to elimination and subsitution
Subsitution Equation


Subsitution word problem

at a restaurant the cost for a breakfast taco and a small glass of milk is $2.10. The cost for 2 tacos and 3 small glasses of milk $5.15. Which pair of equations can be used to determine t, the... more
Subsitution Equation


y=7/4x-3 y=4

how do i solve this?


Solving a system of equations by substitution method

x=6+4y -3(x+y)=-36   I have to solve this using the system of equation by the substitution method.  
Subsitution Equation


solving a system by substitution

3x+7y=-6 x+6y+2=0    I have a problem when you have to move the equation and make it into one. 
Subsitution Equation


Solving a system by substitution

5a+7b=-21 a+18=-6b     I have a problem when you have to move the equation and make it into one. 
Subsitution Equation Algebra 1


what's the ordered pair of y=2X-5 and 4X-Y=7 ?

if the equations are y=2x-5 and 4x-y=7 , what is the ordered pair ?
Subsitution Equation


I need a equation written out for 1425-1230=195(17655/195=90.5)-(15900/195=82)91-82=9(9•17655+1230=28725)=(9•15900+1425=28725)

how can written thousands equation simplified.

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