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Oracle - If variable is null?

I need to return some dummy select when my variable matches string. This is what I tried: begin if :someVar = 'Yes' then select 1 from dual; end if; end; / I've tried... more


Number field turned out as text in Excel, SSRS?

My SSRS reports one of the field is using this expression, where the field is a number field. I want to see blank field is the value is `0`. =IIf(Fields!PERIOD02_VALUE.Value <>... more

SSRS Issue with values that are text and number exporting into excel?

I am having an issue where I have similar hyphenated values 1304-4(text) and 1306 (number) The main issue I am trying to overcome, is when I export my SSRS report (.rdl) to excel, I get an error in... more

Column widths changing when exporting from SSRS to Excel?

I have a simple SSRS report which contains a single table with a header row, footer row and any number of detail rows. The width of the report and table is 7 inches and the report has .5 inch... more

SSRS and maps of route from data?

I have data that has the longitude and latitude values for a point of origin, stops and the return point of origin. I'd like to be able to create a matrix that uses this information from an Excel... more

SSRS Large Report -- Error When Exporting to Excel?

We are having an issue when exporting a large SSRS report to Excel. We receive the following error when it is run over a three-year date range. If the report is run for each of the years... more

How to Lock cells in SSRS while exporting to Excel?

I have a report in SSRS 2008. I need to export it to excel and lock some columns and rows. For example I have 10 columns and 500 rows in excel. 1- I want first two column can't be edited. Other... more


tsql to export and attach SSRS report to email?

I don't think there's an easy way to do this, but here goes. We have an `SSRS` report that can be invoked with `http://MyServer/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fSales%2fSalesReport` We... more


Excel VBA Code to pull SSRS data as a dataset?

I can’t seem to find a solution for my problem no matter how much I Google. (Please excuse my verbosity in the following explanation) My process is that I have to go to the SSRS web page, run my... more

Excel as a data source in SSRS Query a Specific Column of a Sheet?

I want to query the data from an excel file utilizing ODBC System DSN for Excel 12.0. What will be the right syntax to query specific columns from a worksheet and not the whole worksheet like... more

ssrs exporting to excel as csv?

I am calling SSRS reports from an in house piece of software. All the reports made before me render as xlsx or xls and mine continuously are rendering as csv files which is messing up my... more


Save Excel File with a Timestamp when Exporting a Report in SSRS 2016?

I've been fiddling around with SSRS 2016 and tried, without any success, to add a timestamp to the saved excel file when exporting a report. Is there a way, preferably one that isn't much of a... more


SSRS: creating a report optimized for exporting to Excel?

I have a client that needs a particular report that he can export to excel. I haven’t started to build the report, but I’m thinking the best way to do this is to keep the report as simple as... more

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