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asked • 11/14/13

Hey, I have this question for Matlab, and I am completely lost on what I need to do .

Chemical, environmental, and nuclear engineers must be able to predict the changes in chemical concen- tration in a reaction. A model used for many single reactant process is

Rate of change of concentration = −kC n

where C is the chemical concentration and k is the rate constant. The order of the reaction is the value of the exponent n. It is known that the solution for a first-order reaction (n = 1) is

C (t) = C (0)e−kt

and the solution for a second order reaction (n = 2) is

1 1
C (t) = C (0) + kt.

The data in Table 1 describes the gas-phase decomposition of nitrogen at 300? :

2N O2 −→ 2N O + O2.

Table 1: Data for the gas-phase decomposition of nitrogen dioxide at 300?

Time, t [seconds]     C [moles of N O2/liter]
0.0                         0.100
50                          0.0079
100                        0.0065
200                        0.0048
300                        0.0038

Use the data given in Table 1 to determine whether this is a first-order or second-order reaction, and estimate the value of the constant k.
I need a matlab file for this.. Thank you so much! 

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ORRETTE B. answered • 12/12/13

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