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Need help related to MATLAB PLEASE ASAP

Evaluate the integral of the following tabular data using function quad in MATLABx 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5f(x) 1 8 4 3.5 5 1
Numerical Analysis Microsoft Excel Excel Regression


Need help to do it in excel please.

Based on the following data and using Regression function in Microsoft Excel, fit a multiple linear equation to the data and determine the R2x1 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 ... more
Numerical Analysis Microsoft Excel


Need help in solving this in microsoft Excel

Predict the concentration of y1 & y2 from 0 to 0.5 with step size of 0.1. Initial conditions y1(0)=52.29 and y2(0)=83.82𝑑𝑦1/𝑑𝑡= -5y1+ 3y2𝑑𝑦2/𝑑𝑡= y1 - 3y2Solve using:a) Euler’s method (Excel)... more


Numerical Integration of area defined by set of coordinates?

Suppose you have a general shape defined by a bunch of coordinate points that form something that looks like a circle, ellipse, or general closed curve - how do you find the area bounded by these... more
Numerical Analysis


let f(x) be continuous function such that f(0)=1 and f(x)-f(x/7)= x/7 then f(42)

Solve    If f=1 then f=42
Numerical Analysis


Newton forward-difference and backward-forward

Approximate f(0.05) use the following data and the Newton forward-difference formula   x                0.0             0.2             0.4             0.6             0.8 f(x)       1.00000   ... more
Numerical Analysis


Use RegulaFalsi Method to find a real root of the equation xe^x - 2 = 0 correct to two decimal places within the interval [1,0]?

Kindly Answer me Quick Please...!!! & Sir Kindly Step by Step
Numerical Analysis


Find the real root of the equation 3x-cos x− 1=0.correct to four decimal places using the Newton Raphson Method.

Answer me Quick Please...!!!


Numerical solver for y’=3xy^3

For this equation is the Taylor Series the best approach to wstimate numerically? I am also using Euler’s to compare.    Trying to find y(1) given y(x) is a solution to the equation and knowing... more
Numerical Analysis


Bisection Method help

Let's say that I have a given function f(x):(x-1)(x-3)(x-5) with xlow=0 and xhigh=3.8 I know for the Bisection Method to work f(a) and f(b) must have opposite sign, but when i plug in xlow and... more
Numerical Analysis Calculus Discrete Math Number Theory


let d=(a,b) then a|bc if and only if a/d is a divisor of c

prove it if it is correct or give counterexample if it is falselet d=(a,b) then a|bc if and only if a/d is a divisor of c


Find intervals containing solutions to the following equations.

Find intervals containing solutions to the following equations.(a) f(x) = x − 3^−x = 0b)f(x) = x^3 + 4.001x^2 + 4.002^x + 1.101 = 0.I want help how can I find intervals and solutions for these... more
Numerical Analysis Algebra 2 Computer Science Algorithm


Designing an algorithm, numerical analysis

Suppose you need to numerically ?nd a value of x on an interval [0, 5] for which function f(x) = x3 is equal to 2.197. (a) Design an algorithm for this problem which is (i) guaranteed to... more
Numerical Analysis


Bryan was given...

Brian was given a piece of wire 3 1/2 m long. He had to cut it into smaller pieces of wire, each 7/8 m long. How many smaller pieces of wire did he have in the end?  (Ex: #of days/loaves of... more
Numerical Analysis


how can you solve optimization problem?

what is optimization problem? what is its importance in our daily life?
Numerical Analysis


what are the importance of nonlinear equation in practical life?

nonlinear equation importance in our daily life.
Numerical Analysis


What are the importances of interpolation in the practical life?

why we study interpolation? where is it needed in our daily life?

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