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Modelling Teacher or Tutor Needed

Hello, I am looking for someone who can teach me good modelling styles and poses on video call. i need for long time deal.


Picture of a derivative?

How can the limit definition of a derivative be illustrated?


The dimensions of a piece of paper used to wrap a rectangular package are x and 2x−1inches. What is the function with the dimensions that result in the maximum area for the wrapping paper?

Determine the type of function--exponential, linear, or quadratic-- that is most appropriate to model the situation described. Then, use the chosen function model to complete the problem.
Model Building


If I make a scale model of the Transamerica building, what would it be on a measuring take?

Since the Height of the Transamerica building is 853 feet and the width is 175 feet. what would the scale model turn out to be if I made it 1/500?

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