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university of Texas at el paso UTEP and the University of New hampshire at Durham Increased for the 2014-2015 school year. the enrollment at utep was 6195 less

 the  university of Texas at el paso UTEP and the University of New hampshire at Durham Increased for the 2014-2015 school year. the enrollment at utep was 6195 less than twice the enrollment at... more



A sales representative of a company using a personal car receives $260 per day for lodging and meals plus $0.60 per mile driven. Write a linear equation giving the daily cost C to the company in... more


if the cost to produce x number of bottles is c(x)=250+20x the selling price is 45 pesos per bottle exprss the net profit as a function of x

the cost to produce x number of bottles is c(x)=250+20 x. the selling price is 45 pesos per bottle. express the net profit P as a function of x  


Largest common factor of 180 and 97

180= 22 *32 *5


pls need help estimating these three questions

Oliver has $200 and wants to buy some new clothes. Here is the price list of items that Oliver wants to buy.Item PriceTrousers $97.99Shirt $51.99Jacket $78.99 Using estimation, do you think Oliver... more


for every 4 points in a quiz,9 stickers are given.how many points must me scored to collect 486 stickers?

it is a hard question for me. i am really unable to solve this question.Will you please help me?  


Write a linear function f with the values f(0)=7 and f(2)=12.

help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee


3x-4y=12 how do I turn it into slope intercept form

what r the step to make it into a slope intercept.


there are 36 coins how many quarters and dimes do i have that make up 5.70

In my piggy bank i have quarters and dimes. After opening my piggy bank i found out i had $5.70 worth of quarters and dimes. There was a total of 36 coins. How many did my piggy bank have? How many... more


Math word problem

The cost of 2 loaves of bread and 1 case of milk is $35. The cost of 3 loaves of bread and 4 cases of milk is $69. What is the cost of 1 loaf of bread, and the cost of 1 case of milk? (Hint: use... more


If Sophia earns $10 an hour, how much time does it take her to earn $48.80?

I need the answer to this problem. Please help!


A hotel manager found that his gross receipts for the​ day, including a 5​% sales​ tax, were ​$4281.90. Find the amount of sales tax collected. solve

I need help solving this question i am very confused and would appreciate all the help i can get


on a number line what is the distance between -29 and 100

i need help with it


if sally walked 1/2 a mile in 1/4 of an hour how fast was she walkin in mph

i don't understand it at all and need help


Finding the vertices of a square

A square has centre (2/1) and one vertex is at (5/6) Then there are three points given: P(-3/4) Q(-1,-4) R(5/-4) Q: Which of these points are vertices of the square? The other vertices are Q... more


Help with this multiple choice maths

If a/b + c/d = a+c/b+d , where a,b,c and d are non zero integers and b+d is NOT 0, then - one of a and c is positive and the other is negative - a and c are both even - b and d are equal - b... more


If a is not equal

If a is not equal to -1,0, or 1 then (a(a3+2a2-a-2) + a2-1) / a(a2-1) = ?


Sequence is defined by

The sequence x1,x2,x3,.. is defined by  x1 = 4 xn+1=3-(3/xn)     (n≥ 1) What is x46?


Help with this problem

If x9+ 512 = (x+2)(a8x8+ a7x7+...+a1x+a0) then a8 + a7 + ... + a1 + a0 = ??


COmplete set of real values of x

The complete set of real values of x for which x(x-1)^2 < (x-1)x^2 is - all x - x > 0 - x < q - 0 < x < 1 - x < 0 or x > 1


The length of a rectangle is three times its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 40 in, find its length and width.

i need help with these types of problems for math 


Simultaneous equations word problem

When Bob opens a business mathematics textbook, he realizes that the product of two page numbers he is looking at is 2652. What are the two page numbers that Bob is looking at? (Hint: you have to... more
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